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beautiful sex addict has written contract over verbal waiver


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rettinger Published on 10/21/2004 2007 Reads Admission Essay Writing Course


Autumn; The season that above all others can be so eloquently compared to my own life. Every element is noticeable as I wa...

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Nosferatu Published on 10/22/2004 1206 Reads Creative Writing

Hamlet - why is he a tragic figure?

During his lifetime, William Shakespeare composed a numerous number of plays, most of which are considerably famous today. Unlike ...

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lalaland Published on 11/08/2002 1283 Reads Hamlet

What are the problems associated with child prostitution?

Everyday millions of innocent children are forced to do jobs, not of their o...

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fiwer Published on 10/31/2004 1356 Reads Social Issues

Internet Usage by Two Companies - Gateway 2000 and DLJ Direct

This 5 page paper discusses the Internet usage of two companies, Gateway 2000 and DLJ Direct. The writer argues that although some... ...

Hiring and Assimilation of Females in a Sales Management Fictitious Case Study

This paper presents a fictitious company case analysis in eight pages of the problems an older manager faces concerning the hiring... ...

Organ Donation and Prisoners

In five pages this paper considers organ donation in an examination of ethics, relevant issues, consent and as it relates to priso... ...

Heart Of Darkness

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thatgirl Published on 10/26/2004 2025 Reads Heart Of Darkness

Hamlet: action and inaction

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a-fo Published on 10/26/2004 1285 Reads Admissions Essays

Christianity and The Meaning of Life

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Nosferatu Published on 10/21/2004 1515 Reads Religion

The Life and Work of Twentieth Century Architect Louis Isadore Kahn

This paper examines the personal and professional life of Louis Kahn, one of the Twentieth Century's most influential architects. ... ...

King Lear

Shakespeare's tragedy King Lear is a detailed description of the consequences of one man's decisions. This fictitious man is Lear,...

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Admin Published on 11/25/1999 1537 Reads King Lear

Merger Between Smith Barney and Salomon

In forty pages this paper examined this particular merger in order to consider a financial analysis' various components with a fin... ...

Roles of Television

hi forum i found a new article site about role of television. Our modern society is a conflicting society. This can be o...

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ahsanraza Published on 05/26/2006 2165 Reads Television

Communist Leaders Kim Il Sung of Korea and Mao Tse tung of China

In six pages this paper compares these Communist leaders in terms of similarities and the terrible famines resulting from their ru... ...

Contemporary Turkey, Kemalism, and Mustafa Kemal or Ataturk

In twenty five pages this paper discusses how the republic of Turkey was influenced by the Kemalism principles of 'Ataturk' or Mus... ...

Acting Teacher Sanford Meisner

In six pages this paper discusses the acting techniques Sanford Meisner taught his students and also considers the teacher's legac... ...

Life and Works of Emile Durkheim

In eight pages the life and works of social philosopher Emile Durkheim are analyzed. Four sources are cited in the bibliography.... ...


Barco 1000, 1001, 1500 and 1600. These are a series of 9" analog convergence projectors that Barco came out with from about 1989 t...

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josephbbl Published on 06/02/2006 1845 Reads Business and Economics

To Kill a Mockingbird

Harper Lee's novel To Kill a Mockingbird, published in the year of 1960, is the American classic novel awarded the Pulitzer Pri...

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CheerChica923 Published on 06/13/2006 2816 Reads To Kill A Mockingbird

Assisted Suicide and Euthanasia

In seven pages physician assisted suicide and euthanasia are examined in a consideration their history and related issues with dif... ...

Subalterned females in Desai’s ‘Fasting, Feasting’

The works of writers from India deal with numerous concerns. Postcolonial concerns rank high among writers like Anita Desai, Mulk...

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subarna24 Published on 11/08/2004 4336 Reads Literature

European Union - When and to what extent are directives ‘directly effective’?

The European Community has had a decidedly significant impact upon the legal systems of the Member States. It was established in 1...

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Haf Published on 11/26/2002 1872 Reads Law

Should Americans Be Obliged to Salute Its Country's Flag?

In four pages which also includes an outline of one pages this paper discusses the Mahmoud Abdul Rauf case in a consideration of f... ...

18th Century Painter Francisco de Goya and His Influence

In fifteen pages this paper explores how Goya's 18th century paintings influenced 19th century Impressionists and 20th century Exp... ...

Sculptor Henry Moore

Considered to be a great sculptor Henry Moore's works are evaluated. His style is discussed in conjunction with some other artists... ...

Arguing to Legalize Drugs

Decriminalizing drugs is examined through pro and con arguments in a paper consisting of nine pages before concluding that the hea... ...

Charlie Chaplin's Life and Cinematic Contributions

In thirty pages this paper discusses the controversial actor and director's life, cinematic contributions, politics, and the legac... ...

Symbolism in "The Lottery"


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Lithium Published on 11/08/2004 1280 Reads Literature

Life of Flavius Josephus

In five pages the life, works, and historical significance of Flavius Josephus are discussed. Five sources are cited in the bibli... ...