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Term Papers 91 - 102

Andrew Morton's Updated Diana Her True Story, In Her Own Words

In five pages an updated version of this text and the justification of the author for writing it are examined. There is 1 source ... ...

A Day in Tiananmen Square

This 8 page paper is a creative essay, based on eyewitness accounts, of what happened the day of the massacre in Tiananmen Square.... ...

Role of Information Technology in Real Estate

INTRODUCTION The real estate industry brings together people and information. For example, information from...

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Shailesh Published on 10/12/2007 1821 Reads Science And Technology

Economy of South Korea and its Rise

In eight pages this research paper considers the rise of South Korea's economy and how it has flourished. Seven sources are cited... ...

Star Trek: A Chronicle

Space... the final frontier. These are the voyages of the Starship "Enterprise." Its continuing mission: to explore strange new wo...

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Admin Published on 06/03/2000 1592 Reads Film

To what extent was Hitler's foreign policy consistent and planned?

A subject of continuous interest in historical debate is whether Hitler’s foreign policy aims, as outlined in Mein Kampf, was inde...

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abi Published on 10/30/2002 2105 Reads Nazi Germany

school sport should not be compulsory

I strongly belive that sport at school should not be compulsory for the following reasons: The General assembly of United Natio...

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elephantgirl Published on 04/09/2006 2212 Reads Sports

Sculptor Henry Moore

Considered to be a great sculptor Henry Moore's works are evaluated. His style is discussed in conjunction with some other artists... ...

Arguing to Legalize Drugs

Decriminalizing drugs is examined through pro and con arguments in a paper consisting of nine pages before concluding that the hea... ...

18th Century Painter Francisco de Goya and His Influence

In fifteen pages this paper explores how Goya's 18th century paintings influenced 19th century Impressionists and 20th century Exp... ...

Life without Slim Shady / Eminem / Marshal Mathers

I would hate to even suggest that we might soon exist in a world without Eminem. His songs inspire us, as well as being very m...

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supishg Published on 11/03/2002 1517 Reads Creative Writing

Lowering the Drinking age................???

In “Coors urges lower drinking age” from The Washington Times, author Valerie Richardson compares and contrasts the different pers...

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alim_87 Published on 12/02/2004 1644 Reads Social Issues