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Term Papers 1 - 30

Computer Games: Addictive and Time-Consuming

Entertainment plays a big role in everyday life. “Games, video, computer, online games, Playstations, etc can be used as entertain...

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Gix Published on 05/03/2006 2425 Reads Technology

Guild wars 2 create design instrument

Sylvari are generally our crystal clear favourite however. Much to ensure I’m by now plotting out and about which in turn in the p...

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rrtyedia Published on 12/16/2012 2036 Reads Poetry

Throughout my life, I’ve had the opportunity to meet many people who have helped mold me into the person I am today. But there’s ...

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jazzymon08 Published on 07/24/2004 258 Reads Admissions Essays


Character Analysis Captain John Yossarian is the main character of Joseph Heller’s 1961 satirical war novel, Catch-22. He’s a ...

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Nategrey Published on 08/05/2005 1888 Reads Literature

Contemporary History and the Monetary Policy of the United States

In eight pages the US monetary policy is discussed in an overview of government managing of interest rates, credit, supply, and al... ...

Just how broad should suffrage be in a Republic?

Just how broad should suffrage be in a Republic? That question’s resonated throughout the history of the United States. Americ...

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Nategrey Published on 08/05/2005 1982 Reads American History

Communist Leaders Kim Il Sung of Korea and Mao Tse tung of China

In six pages this paper compares these Communist leaders in terms of similarities and the terrible famines resulting from their ru... ...

Acting Teacher Sanford Meisner

In six pages this paper discusses the acting techniques Sanford Meisner taught his students and also considers the teacher's legac... ...

Overview of Sigmund Freud's Life and Works

In five pages this paper examines Freud's life, his work, and his psychoanalytical theories. Four sources are cited in the bibl... ...

Berkeley Hoffmann's Albert Einstein Creator and Rebel

In this review of four pages Hoffmann's text is analyzed. There is no bibliography included with this paper.... ...

A Complete Albert Einstein Biography

In a paper consisting of seven pages the life and great achievement of this scientific genius are explored. There are seven bibli... ...

A Brief Comparison of Florence and Venice

A Brief Comparison of Florence and Venice Florence and Venice were the economic powerhouses of the late Middle Ages and early Ren...

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Nategrey Published on 08/05/2005 4969 Reads European History

Lord of the Flies


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Soot11 Published on 04/17/2005 1751 Reads Lord of the Flies

Saving Lives by Dropping Atomic Bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki

In six pages this paper argues that lives were saved by the U.S. decision to drop atomic bombs upon Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Six s... ...

Propaganda on Animal Farm

Whips, chains, slavery, labor, oppression and misery. Power. Power corrupts and causes abuse. In George Orwell’s novel Animal Farm...

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shallowrosewater Published on 11/16/2003 4181 Reads Animal Farm

Scotland - Pride or shame?

Gazing round the streets of Glasgow at around one in the morning, I fill with shame. Police sirens scream in exasperation and drun...

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x-aimee-kate-x Published on 04/22/2005 1314 Reads Miscellaneous

Dante's Inferno

Dante's use of allegory in the Inferno greatly varies from Plato's "Allegory of the Cave" in purpose, symbolism, characters and me...

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MIKEMASON Published on 10/30/2000 1963 Reads Literature


Metamorphosis by Franz Kafka In this short novella, Franz Kafka was trying to teach modern society a lesson of a man reduce...

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felicia beth Published on 07/23/2004 1368 Reads Admissions Essays

Dear America, and hello to the international public :) I am speaking to you today not as a Black Man, not as a Cali...

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Oakland Raider Published on 09/08/2005 39 Reads Social Issues

Like A Prayer Music Video Analysis

Madonna first arrived in the national popular culture in 1984 with her song "Borderline". She moved very quickly in the ensuing ye...

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Admin Published on 06/05/2000 1310 Reads Art And Music

American Colonies

When settlers from England came to America, they envisioned a Utopia, where they would have a say in what the government can and c...

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Admin Published on 10/09/2000 1108 Reads American History

Fulfiling Dr. Kings Dream

Dr. King is a man that preached non-violence amongst all people, a man that stood up for what he believed was right and just. This...

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Admin Published on 12/05/2000 1030 Reads Social Issues

Romeo and Juliet

Romeo and Juliet Romeo and Juliet was a tragic love story. Romeo was from the Montague family, and Juliet was from the Capulet ...

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abcreighton Published on 04/12/2005 2947 Reads Romeo And Juliet

Charlie Chaplin's Life and Cinematic Contributions

In thirty pages this paper discusses the controversial actor and director's life, cinematic contributions, politics, and the legac... ...

Theologian John Duns Scotus' Life and Scholasticism School of Thought

In ten pages which also includes an outline of one page this theologian from the thirteenth century is considered in an overview o... ...

American Dream Invention of J. Hector St. John de Crèvecoeur

In six pages the inventor of the 'American Dream' myth is examined in a consideration of his contributions. Five sources are cite... ...

Washington D.C. Mayor Marion Barry

In five pages this essay examines the controversial mayor and his political career. Five sources are cited in the bibliography.... ...

Leaders and Their Lies

Merriam-Webster defines morality as “conformity to ideals of right human conduct”—so what could have raised eyebrows thirty years ...

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kaitiedoo06 Published on 04/10/2005 1975 Reads American Presidents


Who Is YHVH YHVH is the personal name of the One and Only True Mighty-One. Nothing else can be called YHVH. The name YHV...

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Rayah Published on 08/10/2005 1839 Reads Religion

9-11 could have been avoided if the Secret Services would have done their Work

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jmbvwtouareg Published on 04/12/2005 1736 Reads American History