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Term Papers 91 - 112

The nature of disease causing organisms and the mechanisms employed to combat them

The nature of DISEASE CAUSING ORGANISMS and the mechanisms employed by man to combat these organisms. What is disease? A diseas...

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anton970204 Published on 02/25/2001 1243 Reads Biology

Russian Revolution (society 1861-1917)

Between 1861 and 1917, Russian society had undergone many changes. It is safe to say that every aspect of that society had been so...

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edwho Published on 05/15/2001 2694 Reads Russian History

The World of the Vikings

The Viking age has long been associated with unbridled piracy, when freebooters swarmed out of the northlands in their longships t...

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shellym19 Published on 12/11/2000 1183 Reads History

Macbeth's Guilty Conscience

Macbeth's soliloquy is important to the play since it is of great concern to the murder of Duncan, the King. It brings more depth ...

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Admin Published on 12/16/2000 1824 Reads Macbeth

Death, Life and the Question of Identity

Sam Vaknin's Psychology, Philosophy, Economics and Foreign Affairs Web Sites A classical point of departure in defining Death, ...

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palma Published on 10/09/2000 1472 Reads Miscellaneous

Star Trek: A Chronicle

Space... the final frontier. These are the voyages of the Starship "Enterprise." Its continuing mission: to explore strange new wo...

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Admin Published on 06/03/2000 1774 Reads Film

This is a test essay

This is a test essay - please ignore it. ...

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testuser Published on 04/29/2005 1473 Reads Creative Writing

Othello as a tragic hero

To what extent does Othello represent the idea of the tragic hero? The ‘Poetics’ of Aristotle are extremely significant when di...

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b1e9x8y9 Published on 05/15/2006 5235 Reads Othello


FROM THE PRELUDE BY WILLIAM WORDSWORTH The poem starts with a very calm, placid and serene mood but ends with a sense of f...

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hurr.i.cane.87 Published on 01/02/2005 1567 Reads Poems

Descriptive Sample Essay

Note: The below essays were not edited by EssayEdge Editors. They appear as they were initially reviewed by admissions officers. ...

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EssayEdge Published on 01/07/2002 2219 Reads Lesson 3

Rupert's Land: The Division Lies Only in Interpretation

I sit here and I consider myself a young and developing Historian. I consider Frits Pannekoek and Irene M. Spry to be similar hist...

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badgercat Published on 03/25/2002 1654 Reads History

Sir Fred Hoyle

Fred Hoyle was born in 1915 He was born in Bingley, Yorkshire. He was English He was an astronomer and mathematician He was...

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ashchap Published on 11/24/2002 2364 Reads Biographies

Individual Rights Usurped by the U.S. Supreme Court

In five pages this paper presents the argument that the U.S. Supreme Court's decisions have usurped the rights of the individual w... ...

Health Care for Every U.S. Citizen

In five pages this paper presents the argument that funded health care should be the entitlement of all American citizens. Eight ... ...

Feasibility of Sign Language Learning by Gorillas

In seven pages this paper considers Koko in a discussion of the feasibility of gorillas learning how to communicate through sign l... ...

Mayan indians

The Maya Indians are Indians that Lived in parts of present time Mexico, Belize, Guatemala, Honduras, and El Salvador. The Maya...

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johan_985 Published on 10/27/2002 1955 Reads History

Causes of The Salem Witch Craft Trials

Witchcraft, Insanity, and the Ten Signs of Decay Since there never was a spurned lover stirring things up in Salem Village, and...

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msdude98 Published on 10/25/2000 3079 Reads The Crucible

Lord of the Flies - Jack and Ralph

"Compare and contrast the characters of Jack and Ralph and discuss the way that the rivalry between them develops in the course of...

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smudge_66 Published on 05/01/2000 2113 Reads Lord of the Flies

All My Sons

1. In the play “All My Sons,” by Arthur Miller, the word ‘father’ means the personification of goodness and infallibility to Chris...

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Jlinkows Published on 06/23/2001 1282 Reads Literature

Gender Pricing in business

Issues in Entrepreneurship – Part 1 – Gender Pricing Businesses commonly offer special pricing. Examples include ladies’ nigh...

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somethingsotrue Published on 02/07/2006 2107 Reads Business and Economics

sui cide

☻look up, look up pleease! Just this once, I swear she’s exactly above your head . . . ☺huh? where? (looking up...

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Kheyal Published on 07/14/2006 1541 Reads Creative Writing

The relationship between the media and diplomacy / العلاقة بين الإعلام والدبلوماسية

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم أكاديمية السودان للعلوم المجلس القومي للعلوم السياسية و الدراسات الدبلوماسية الدفعة التاسعة – ماجستير ...

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mino31333 Published on 05/21/2017 2550 Reads Politics