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Term Papers 91 - 112

Science vs Religion

Science and religion cannot co-exist. What are your views on this? In the begining there was darkness. Then there was light. Th...

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fiza Published on 04/24/2001 741 Reads Religion

The Latest Advances in Drug Manipulations of the Immune System

INTRODUCTION In order to provide a detailed analysis of recent pharmacological developments involving the human immune system, it...

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eeyore Published on 08/09/2001 1595 Reads Biology

The Hardships of a Teen Christian

Teen Christians have to deal with a lot of pressures like when at school, because when a Christian teen does talk about what they ...

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oggie_boy Published on 01/08/2001 1412 Reads Creative Writing

The Victim in a New Light

Upon first reading Aurthur Miller’s The Crucible, it would be easy to mistake Abigail Williams for the key player. When the story ...

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queencaitlyn Published on 02/26/2001 1624 Reads The Crucible

The Crucible: Mary Warren

Set in 1692, The Crucible is a novel depicting the lives and conflicts of various Puritan characters during the Salem witch trials...

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jromely Published on 11/05/2000 2961 Reads The Crucible

Sesame Street (Drug Trip)

I see the world, With eyes of yesterday, The fear of death lies around the corner, The smell of drugs on the street, You lie...

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gantoris Published on 08/22/2000 1545 Reads Poems

critical analysis wilfred owen

Futility by Wilfred Owen Wilfred Owen is arguably one of the most famous poets of World War One. In his well known sonn...

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lmaginn Published on 11/02/2005 6626 Reads Poems


BLUE ENERGY! A COMPREHENSIVE SOLUTION TO ENERGY CRISIS Abstract- The possibility of osmotic energy for energy crisis as a so...

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vikalpchauhan Published on 11/18/2017 1298 Reads Science And Technology

Doctor Faustus Duality in the Doctor: Values in Faustus

In Christopher Marlowe’s the epic Christian tragedy, Doctor Faustus, the protagonist, Dr. Faustus, struggles between following...

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Qcom12 Published on 04/27/2005 3365 Reads Literature

Music Censorship

Albums with explicit lyrics or content started having black and white parental advisories on them in 1994 (

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Blink Published on 02/24/2002 2522 Reads Art And Music

Jorge Luis Borges

"The Circular Ruins" begins with a man disembarking from a canoe. The stranger wanders around in the wilderness, sleeps, dreams, w...

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Paladine Published on 03/30/2002 1628 Reads Literature

British Attepmts to Control Its Colonies

After the defeat of the French during the Seven Years War, British leaders felt the need to tighten control over th...

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Ella Vader Published on 10/04/2004 1964 Reads American Revolution

Individual Rights Usurped by the U.S. Supreme Court

In five pages this paper presents the argument that the U.S. Supreme Court's decisions have usurped the rights of the individual w... ...

Health Care for Every U.S. Citizen

In five pages this paper presents the argument that funded health care should be the entitlement of all American citizens. Eight ... ...

Feasibility of Sign Language Learning by Gorillas

In seven pages this paper considers Koko in a discussion of the feasibility of gorillas learning how to communicate through sign l... ...

parliamentary sovereignty

When we talk about 'Parliament' and 'parliamentary sovereignty' what exactly do we mean? Firstly we must take the word 'Parliament...

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william jones Published on 12/07/2002 2360 Reads Law

Two Kinds - Jing-Mei Character Analysis

While trying to understand the reasons for her mother wanting Jing-Mei to be great, Jing-Mei discovers the real meaning of two kin...

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heavnslitldevil Published on 10/21/2000 2425 Reads Literature

Scarlet Letter: Pearl

Children are, by nature, incredibly sensitive creatures. They can sense almost any emotion an adult might feel just by observing a...

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DeperLee Published on 05/19/2000 1882 Reads The Scarlet Letter

The me inside the mirror

Don't look at me inside the mirror for there you will not find anything.I know you want me to be someone you always wanted to have...

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blank_? Published on 09/11/2001 1282 Reads Poems

Guild Wars 2 Online in Russian is going to be launched

One of the main European writers of games online company GW 2 continues to expand its portfolio. The contract signed with South Ko...

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2guildwars2 Published on 10/16/2012 2171 Reads Poems

IB history chapter 10 outline, out of many

Chapter 10 I. The New Democratic Politics in North America A. Continental Struggles Over Popular Rights 1. In 1821, Mexico ac...

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murty Published on 03/02/2004 1642 Reads American History

Is Eating still a joy for us?

++++ Dear Readers, can you comment on my essay because I really want to improve my English. Thank you so much!!! :) +++++++ ‘...

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thereforee Published on 03/07/2007 2137 Reads Social Issues