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Term Papers 91 - 112

Daisy Miller - Death Be Not Proud: Innocence Misconstrued

In 1878, Henry James wrote, Daisy Miller, a novella about a young American girl and her travels in Europe. Daisy Miller is a compl...

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ERhead529 Published on 03/03/2001 2480 Reads Literature

My Crush

There once was a guy i really liked Ever since 6th grade. Last year was when he moved away; Goodbye to him I bade. I really ...

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Scrumptie17 Published on 09/07/2001 1205 Reads Poems

Does God Exist?

In my life on this planet I have come to question many things that many take on as blind faith. We all know that someday we will '...

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zziegle Published on 11/17/2000 1192 Reads Religion

The Black Plague

“No pestilence had ever been so fatal, or so hideous. Blood was its Avatar and its seal—the redness and horror of blood.” (Edgar A...

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Ivy43019 Published on 01/02/2001 1586 Reads European History


1. The nature vs. nurture question: “How much of any given characteristic, behavior, or pattern of development is determined by ge...

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Admin Published on 12/11/2000 1566 Reads Psychology

A Separate Peace

Sitting in my third grade classroom we chattered anxiously, waiting for the spelling quizzes to be passed back. My teacher placed ...

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screamingbutterfly Published on 05/03/2000 2318 Reads A Separate Peace

"A woman's role in society is primarily that of a wife and mother" do you agree?

“A woman’s role is primarily that of a wife and a mother” do you agree? The big debate about a woman’s role, and place in the ...

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Mad Deer Published on 12/19/2005 4643 Reads Women's Rights

The Hobbit Book Report -2005-

The Hobbit Book Report By Shaeydyh Setting: The Hobbit by JRR Tolkien is in an arrangement of a world of imagination of t...

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shaeydyh Published on 11/08/2005 2691 Reads The Hobbit

Analysis of Kubla Khan

In the poem Kubla Khan by Samuel Coleridge, language is used to convey images from Coleridge’s imagination. This is done with the ...

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Bag puss Published on 02/01/2006 2921 Reads Poetry

Capital Punishment

There has been much controversy over capital punishment over the years. Few people in the United States see capital punishment as ...

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Aicirt Published on 03/15/2002 4264 Reads Capital Punishment

Ancient Religions: A Comparison

As civilization has expanded and improved it has gone through many different religions. Some of the most interesting and different...

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mikiedaman Published on 06/15/2002 922 Reads Religion

Change of Roles

Throughout the play, Macbeth and Lady Macbeth change characters. This is evident through their speaking and thei...

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manager05 Published on 02/12/2004 1495 Reads Macbeth

Individual Rights Usurped by the U.S. Supreme Court

In five pages this paper presents the argument that the U.S. Supreme Court's decisions have usurped the rights of the individual w... ...

Health Care for Every U.S. Citizen

In five pages this paper presents the argument that funded health care should be the entitlement of all American citizens. Eight ... ...

Feasibility of Sign Language Learning by Gorillas

In seven pages this paper considers Koko in a discussion of the feasibility of gorillas learning how to communicate through sign l... ...

How He Left The Hotel By Louisa Baldwin

This is a story that I got off the internet at This story was written a long time ago. It...

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huzzah Published on 03/31/2004 1255 Reads Literature

Teaching Methods

When comparing and contrasting the hands on method to the lecture method many people prefer the hands on method. This allows the s...

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Mack55_23 Published on 12/14/2000 1650 Reads Miscellaneous

A Walk in the woods: Chapter 9

Bill Bryson the author of the short story ‘A Walk in the Woods’ constructs the story in a certain way to try to get the reader to ...

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lukus Published on 05/16/2000 1534 Reads Literature


I grabbed the dagger hanging from the troll’s thigh as I bent before the cliff awaiting death. I pulled it from its holster and i...

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Juggalo69 Published on 10/13/2001 1250 Reads Creative Writing

An interesting note about what we are feeding to our beef and dairy cattle and poultry.

Hello I am in the process of writing a letter and it has occurred to me that the subject of my letter would make an excellent an...

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baneyred Published on 03/20/2006 1352 Reads Social Issues

Guild Wars 2 Online in Russian is going to be launched

One of the main European writers of games online company GW 2 continues to expand its portfolio. The contract signed with South Ko...

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2guildwars2 Published on 10/16/2012 2001 Reads Poems

Why oil shortage will send us back to the Stone Age.

"Green" is the party which most dismiss as a waste of time, a joke of a party whose policies would not cover any of the relevant s...

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loub1990 Published on 09/19/2005 1172 Reads Business and Economics