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Term Papers 91 - 112

Bush's Address To Congress - Environment, Charity, and Education

After this year’s chaotic election, the country is divided and furious. It is up to our new president to heal the wounds. To do so...

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saritagarcia113 Published on 03/05/2001 1427 Reads American History

Dreaming the square root of negative one: Jacques Lacan and space-time relativity

(c) 1998 by Daniel du Prie The resistance of dreams to the transparency of the egoic consciousness, as opposed to structural me...

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duprie37 Published on 09/26/2001 1814 Reads Miscellaneous

Macbeth : The Tragedy

Many people believe that Shakespeare's plays all have a tragedy to them. There are very good arguments that support this theory. M...

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Girish9999 Published on 01/20/2001 1178 Reads Macbeth

The Tell-Tale Heart - Critical Analysis

Imagine the sight of an old man's eye, vulturous, pale blue, with a film covering it. Could this drive one's self so insane that o...

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emily_rose66 Published on 01/30/2001 2950 Reads Literature

Huanted House

I could not sleep that night, for I was not given the chance to. For numerous times I had been yelling at my cousin to lower down ...

Save Paper Published on 10/20/2000 1183 Reads Creative Writing


The name of Australia comes from the Latin word Australis, which means southern. Since it lies entirely in the southern hemisphere...

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Admin Published on 05/13/2000 1462 Reads Geography

Campaign Finance Reform

Funding is a crucial component of every political campaign. Over the past several decades, the cost of running a campaign has vas...

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masone4718 Published on 02/28/2006 2245 Reads Politics


Wandering thoughts cloud my every ambition Time carries on with an ageless precision Lost within and...

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void Published on 06/08/2006 3569 Reads Poems

Beowulf vs Gandhi

Regardless of the difference or similarity in time, distance, language, and culture a few people are similar when everything among...

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tauseef Published on 10/02/2004 4190 Reads Beowulf

Women in Chaucer's Canterbury Tales

Women throughout the ages have had diverse personalities, and their various behaviors are significantly depicted in Geoffrey Chauc...

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april333884 Published on 01/12/2002 2046 Reads Cantebury Tales

The Significance of the Gracchi

“When Tiberius and Gaius Gracchus sought to establish the liberty of the common people and expose the crimes of the oligarchs, the...

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gorringe Published on 08/05/2002 2681 Reads Ancient Rome

Of men and women

It is a simple truth that men and women are different but women are also convoluted. When guys lose weight, they like hearing a...

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annerik Published on 11/29/2002 1086 Reads Creative Writing

Individual Rights Usurped by the U.S. Supreme Court

In five pages this paper presents the argument that the U.S. Supreme Court's decisions have usurped the rights of the individual w... ...

Health Care for Every U.S. Citizen

In five pages this paper presents the argument that funded health care should be the entitlement of all American citizens. Eight ... ...

Feasibility of Sign Language Learning by Gorillas

In seven pages this paper considers Koko in a discussion of the feasibility of gorillas learning how to communicate through sign l... ...

Macedonia forever for macedonians

THE PROPAGANDA *Macedonians should not be recognised as Macedonians as they have been of Greek nationality since 2000BC. *Macedo...

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makedonija Published on 01/13/2004 1165 Reads History

The Solow Paradox

Sam Vaknin's Psychology, Philosophy, Economics and Foreign Affairs Web Sites The PRODUCTIVE HARDWARE The world is debating ...

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palma Published on 10/09/2000 1338 Reads Technology

Determining Hate Crimes

Exposition: Determining Hate Crimes? Hate based on race, religion and sexual orientation exist within any cultural rich societies...

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jacky89 Published on 01/08/2000 1351 Reads Social Issues

Why did the South lose the Civil War?

A frequently, and sometimes hotly, discussed subject; the outcome of the American Civil War has fascinated historians for generati...

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sentiencenerd Published on 10/19/2001 2440 Reads Civil War

Bible; Propaganda

The bible is quite possibly a recollection of historical facts mixed in with false history and used for religious propaganda. Firs...

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Krsnik Published on 10/31/2006 2043 Reads Religion

Marc Antony

Marc Antony, Military Leader · Born: 83 B.C. · Birthplace: Rome · Died: 30 B.C. (suicide) · Best Known As Cleopatra's ill...

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*GeMsToNe* Published on 03/05/2007 2300 Reads Ancient Rome

Why oil shortage will send us back to the Stone Age.

"Green" is the party which most dismiss as a waste of time, a joke of a party whose policies would not cover any of the relevant s...

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loub1990 Published on 09/19/2005 1249 Reads Business and Economics