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Uploaded by trinityshiva on Jan 20, 2006


THE CRUSADE [queries if any visit my home page]

A crusade against the intellectual ineptitude which kept the intellect of Shakespeare the Great, gruesomely eclipsed for almost all of the four centuries, obstructing it from percolating down to the down generations.

An economically impotent man’s intellectually potent challenge thrown in the face of the world acclaimed intellectual cream to defend themselves against an allegation of intellectual infraction left un-noticed for all most all of the four centuries.

A crusade to put an end to the madness of hurling insults and the audacity of under rating the intellectual heights of this great god-sent intellectual whose soul restlessly wanders in this world seeking the recuperation of rupture of his intellectual contribution by the puny intellectuals of the era and the era gone by.

A crusade against the world governments who had been silent spectators for this gruesomely grave gluttonous act of intellectual infraction without realizing that the intellectual pollution is the grass root from which the other pollutions emanate.

A crusade to open up the eyes of this world’s judicial and legal fraternity whereby some judiciary of some country realizes the after affects of the intellectual pollution and reacts suo-moto to put an end to this madness.

My Works

Julius Caesar
I had to make about 54 Comments and some samples are appended for your perusal and appraisal.

11th Comment examine the meaning of the words “First Motion”
1. Meanings in circulation
Roma Gill#61672;Impulse
Anil Wilson#61672;Idea
2. All are the meanings of the word Notion but Shakespeare used a word Motion. Will you agree with these people and take motion as a synonym of notion?
3. Then what is First Motion? After four centuries may I try to explain this word? (a)Motion=Principle (Ref. Para 615 of
Roget’s) (b) Principle=cardinal virtue (Ref. Para 05 of Roget’s)

SEVEN CARDINAL Virtues. (1)Justice (2) prudence (3) Temperance (4) Fortitude (5) Faith (6) Hope (7) charity
Motion= virtue but there are seven virtues – but which one of these seven?
Shakespeare says – First Motion•
First Motion= first of the seven cardinal virtues= justice
First motion means Justice
4. Killing Caesar is a dreadful thing.
If left to live, Caesar would kill justice
Debate is between the love for Caesar and General good through justice. (A difficult choice which makes Brutus spend sleepless nights)
5. However you be the better judge.

12th comment. Examine the translation of lines 97 to 99.
1. W. Turner #61672; “what...

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Uploaded by:   trinityshiva

Date:   01/20/2006

Category:   Shakespeare

Length:   24 pages (5,301 words)

Views:   2210

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