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the magical coin

Uploaded by han_ri on Oct 25, 2006

“Can you believe that this RM 0.10 can make a big miracle to us?” asked Mursyid to his friends. The tiny coin glittered as the ray of the sun striked. He smiled as none can answer. Or maybe none believed.

Mujahid came with his pals, and he overheard Mursyid.

“Bla, bla, bla, enough with your chat, Mursyid,” said he, not looking at the group. “And you guys, can’t you do any better things rather than hearing his gobbledygook talk? Ten cents can’t change your life. Really.”

Mursyid shook his head. “It may, Mujahid,” insisted Mursyid.

Mujahid sighed lazily, turning to Mursyid. “No, poor boy. Well, OK, sometimes it makes the whatsoever miracle. But only on some penniless boy,” grinned he, and added, “like you.”

Mujahid and his buddies laughed an irritating laughter.

“Now come, my comrades,” continued he. “We have some more works to do. I don’t want to hang with these impoverished childs.”

Their irritating laughter faded as they walked away. Mursyid only looked at them with a sour look.

“It’s OK, Mursyid,” said Mujaddid, one of his friends. “We are on your side.”

“Yeah,” agreed Murabbi and Muaz simultaneously.

Mursyid turned to his friends, smiling. “I’m all right. It’s just a small matter.”

The next weekend, Mursyid helped her mother in their nasi lemak stall like usual. It was a sunny morning. He could see birds happily chirping in a nearby cherry tree. Sometimes he dreamed to be like them, living happily with his family, having many friends, living an affluent live and able to buy anything he liked. Yes, he once saw a remote-control car. It was Mujahid’s. And he had a heart onto having one. But he swiftly realised that he’s what he used to be. There’s no need to be longing for something which is unworthy. He had a life to live on, and he will make his family live better. He just has to struggle and strive in his study whatever it takes. Then he will go abroad to further his study. Once he has graduated, he will guide his own family to a better life. At that time, his mother should have been proud of him. Proud to have a child like him. And he will hug her for all she had showered to him since he was born. Love, sacrifice, hard-times, illness, and all the things she had faced for such a long time.

Yes, such dream is better. Better than dreaming of a...

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Uploaded by:   han_ri

Date:   10/25/2006

Category:   Creative Writing

Length:   7 pages (1,582 words)

Views:   1667

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the magical coin

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