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racism in america as seen with brown eyes

Uploaded by dvsony on May 30, 2004

i am writing this essay to release the ideas in my mind that are bothering me. Being an Indian (from India), after 9/11 i have noticed that certain people are view me differently. I am aware of how the human mind works and i realize that people see people of my color suspiciously or hatefully. I understand the reason for being scared that may lead to racism but we must observe people for their nature and behavior not color. I keep saying it over and over, we are not colors but humans. I have certain white friends who may poke fun or be hateful to black people, but me being, at times, the only colored person in that group i feel awkward because i am not sure what they may actually think of me.
I enter rooms with people and quickly realize their subliminal put-downs and the paranoya of being profiled within the group plauges me. I have both white and black friends, but it seems they dont always hang out together. Why? because they seperate themselves, an example of racism. Furthermore, i dont think people understand my claims as much as people of my color living in this nation do. Why? Becuase white people have the majority here and can blend in, when they get profiled they can blend into society easier, thus alleviating major pain. It is now that i am in college that i have chosen to express this and stand up for my right, but it seems people around me think its insane or crazy of me. I disagree, they dont understand the situation and thus choose to ignore it. It was claimed that around 75% of people are oblivious to racism and that is a problem. People chose to ignore it because it doesnt bother them, or it makes them feel guilty or unconfortable. But smart people look past this and analyze the situation to make it better. I believe America must follow different claims of racism and help fix it, not ignore it or think it doesnt exist. Through out the history of the world races have been discriminated against. I dont understand why?? Jealousy, hatred, envy and these human traits must be limited. People are not educating themselves as much as they should about other cultures and races. Furthermore, i do not see any indian people (or people of my color) on US tv...

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Uploaded by:   dvsony

Date:   05/30/2004

Category:   Social Issues

Length:   2 pages (481 words)

Views:   1127

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racism in america as seen with brown eyes

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