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monkey, gulliver's travel analysis

Uploaded by lyyyzzza on Apr 19, 2005

Physical travel is a very good way in exploring which will eventually lead you to discovering new things and at the end be able to reflect on how certain experiences will make changes in life that could be very helpful in the future. I’ll be referring to Gulliver’s Travels and Candide with this essay to show how their journey affected their lives all and all.

I’ll start it off with Jonathan Swift’s, Gulliver’s Travel. Even though I only read the last book, I’ve already heard of this work when I was a kid. It is about an Englishman who takes off to the seas whenever his business fails. Gulliver ends up in 4 islands, namely; Lilliput, where tiny people lived. They were not at all afraid to used violence against Gulliver but overall, they were very hospitable, in a way that they even risked famine just to feed him. Unfortunately he got convicted but later on got pardoned by the king and eventually went back to his family in England. He then sets sail again and ended up in Brobdingnag, also known as the land of the giants. Here, he was discovered by a farmer but in bad luck, he was sold to the queen and became an entertainer. Gulliver’s social life was pretty easy but not enjoyable at all. He was often bothered by the natives, whose mistakes are often magnified by their huge size.

Gulliver suffered in this island, like for example, he had difficulty eating because the insects leave slimy trail in his food. There was also a time where in his life was endangered by various forms of animals in the realm. Luckily, his cage was plucked by an eagle and suddenly ended up in the island of Laputa. This island is populated by intellectuals where in he discovered that the research being done there were totally insane. Gulliver was also able to witness the conjuring up of important military leaders, like that of Julius Caesar, which he found less impressive than that of what the he already know from reading the books. Most importantly, he discovered that there’s no way that you would know everything in a lifetime and that there will always be something new that you will learn everyday. And finally, he sets out as captain of a ship, but after the mutiny of his crew, he arrives in an unknown land. This land...

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Uploaded by:   lyyyzzza

Date:   04/19/2005

Category:   Book Reviews

Length:   4 pages (848 words)

Views:   2615

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monkey, gulliver's travel analysis

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