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Uploaded by vdg on Nov 24, 2003

Ext English Seminar

Our topic is seminar number three: Examine the pervasiveness of revenge within The Revenger’s Tragedy. Analyse the characters, discussing how their personalities, actions etc. contribute to the final outcome.
Well as an introduction I believe we should first define pervasiveness. Pervasiveness means spread right throughout. In other words the question in asking us to examine how revenge is spread right throughout the society in The Revenger’s Tragedy. Now to do this we must analyse each of the main characters to see how their actions and personalities reflect the pervasiveness of revenge and how they contribute to the final outcome.
Now if we were to look at each character individually, we would find there a numerous overlaps. So instead I am going to look at two of the main ones, Duke and Lussurioso, and through our discussion on these two we will find that many of the other characters fall into place. We can also see how these two main characters, through their actions and personality, influence other characters.
I will begin by talking about the Duke. Now the Duke is the head of this society. The convention of the genre, in which the society in question is particularly discordant, is brought about by the Duke’s blatant disregard for the Law and other humans. He is supposed to represent the justice of the society but rather he is a major cause of the instability in the society. As you will find, the Duke is the cause of many quests for vengeance. The principal one involves Vindice. Vindice’s fiancé, Gloriana, was killed by the Duke as she would not surrender her honour to him.
This causes Vindice to become obsessed revenge and as we see in the play, he goes through anything to gain that revenge. The Duke is the highest order in this society and if he disregard the Law and justice then there is not much hope for the society. Vindice is forced into vengeance as the justice system cannot work under such a situation where the highest power is at fault.
Ironically, the Duke actually makes an attempt at maintaining justice in the case of Junior, the Duchess’ son. Junior, as part of the Royal Family, also has a callous attitude to well-being of others and raped Lord Antonio’s wife. He shows contempt for the Law in his trial, secure in the knowledge that he will...

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Uploaded by:   vdg

Date:   11/24/2003

Category:   Admissions Essays

Length:   7 pages (1,603 words)

Views:   1856

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