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define love

Uploaded by dzafirah on Aug 18, 2006

What is love? That is the only question that I couldn’t answer. Yesterday during lunch, my friends and I were discussing about boys. From my own thinking, why teenagers now a days are so urge and so desperate to have boyfriends and to have sex for those who are desperately want to know what it is like to have someone who don’t have any blood relation with you, cares about you and to say all those sweet and romantic things. It is not like I am against of people having their love at first sight at a very young age, it is just that I don’t think it is necessary to get involved in a relationship that you knew that it will end up sooner or later and you will be married to someone else in the future. Then, my friends thought that it is ‘cool’ if u have boyfriend so that you can show them to your friends, you know, it is just something that you can be proud of, because you are able to tackle a guy or man to get involve in a relationship with you.

In the evening, during our English tuition class, we were studying one of William Shakespeare’s master piece, it is the Sonnet 18. then, from discussing about how creative and full of romance William Shakespeare are, we went on to the topic about love and having such an early relationship and so on and so forth. And again, I have to answer the only question that I am not able to answer because before this it was just biology, chemistry, physics plus lots of equations and calculations. But this one is different. The question is to define love. It is something that I am very weak at. What do I know anything about love, I know that all the cartoon princesses live happily ever after with their dream prince and they are very much indeed in love with each other.

Finally I did figure out something, love is a feeling base on the dictionary, but my tutor doesn’t want the definition base on the dictionary, he wanted the definition to be from me. then suddenly on the spot, something in the past came across my mind. I had just thought about my first crush. That is towards my own neighbor, his house is just next door.i do not know how did it happened, but...

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Uploaded by:   dzafirah

Date:   08/18/2006

Category:   Biographies

Length:   3 pages (612 words)

Views:   3038

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define love

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