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compare/contrast in-home daycre Vs. daycare centers

Uploaded by kiki190 on Sep 23, 2004

Choosing a daycare center for your child is one of the most important decisions for many

parents. Parents have the option of in-home daycares or business daycares. In-home daycare

will give your child a more personal care as opposed to business daycares. Some of the

differences may surprise you.

In-home daycares tend to have fewer children and will be more geared toward the personal

need of each child. Children at these facilities tend to be more friendly and less demanding.

There is more one on one time for each child; therefore the child learns more. This type of

daycare seems to have more of a family atmosphere and a better influence on children. They

have less common colds and germs due to the lack of people coming and going from the

facility. When it comes to dropping in to check on your child these types of daycare are very

flexible with their rules. In-home daycares are much better when it comes to learning the

things needed for kindergarten because the child has that one on one time with the worker.

The cost is definitely a lot better and more flexible as to when you can pay. In-home daycares

slowly introduce children to lying down and taking a nap, even if this means rocking, patting

backs or rubbing hair. They don’t force a child to lie down. Most in-home daycares don’t

hire outsiders to help them work. It’s usually a family based operation.

Business daycares seem to be less in tune with the child’s needs and wants. It seems as

though these daycares are open only for the money and not for the care of the child. At most

business daycares the children are more aggressive due to the amount of children and the

amount of worker to child ratio. The atmospheres at these places seem to be more business

like and not very child friendly. Most children are restricted to certain areas and things that

they can play with. This leads to the child learning less and with out a clear understanding

for the curriculum for school. Places like these tend to have more people coming and going

this leads to more germs and common cold and flu. Some rooms that these daycare facilities

have are cluttered and very hazardous to toddlers just learning to walk, this leads to more

injuries and dangers. When it...

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Uploaded by:   kiki190

Date:   09/23/2004

Category:   Social Issues

Length:   2 pages (544 words)

Views:   5650

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