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chritical thinking

Uploaded by Armen2002 on Jun 24, 2006

Is High performance what every organization aims for? Indeed it is. All companies aim for high performance workers to achieve better goal and higher profits. Companies also know that demographic characteristics and cultural diversity impacts the group’s behavior. One wonders how high performance groups become high-performance teams. And the impact demographic characteristics and cultural diversity has on a group. And finally how demographic characteristics and cultural diversity contribute to or detract from high-performance teams.
High performance is what every organization desires. High performance helps organizations achieve goals and earn higher profits. What makes a high-performance group into a high-performance team? High-performance group is every individual in the group performing good. Nevertheless if a high-performance individual performance good in a group, necessarily does not mean the individual will performer good in a team environment. A high-performance team should have increased productivity, better quality, shortened response time, and lower costs. The group should work as a team to control their day to day production, quality, and administrative duties. A high-performance team should have performance characteristics that include: participative leadership, responsive, aligned on purpose, communicative, task focused, problem solving, shared responsibility, and innovative. High-performance teams must be self directed, integrated production technologies, and organized. To build a high-performance team the group must focus on trust, confidence, and group work skills, balancing and fine tuning the team process as its goes on. (American Management Association) According to today's competitive business environment demands increased productivity, better quality, shortened response time, and lower costs. Many corporations have achieved success by replacing the hierarchical boss-subordinate relationship with that of an empowered work team. ( Many corporations know the value of a high-performance team. A high-performance team has a lot to offer to the organization. In a team environment, people are not managed, controlled or supervised. They are led by their mutual vision of the organization's purpose and goals. Teams out-perform individuals acting alone, especially when performance requires multiple skills, judgments, and experience. (
Demographic characteristics and cultural diversity impacts the group’s behavior greatly. Some demographic characteristics and cultural diversity are: ethnicity, gender, age, socioeconomic status, sexual orientation, religion, geographical differences, occupation, differences in skills and abilities, personal traits, value and attitude differences. And cultural diversity impacts the group if all group members are from different contraries. The group or team will have different views and core values coming from a diver cultures. As far as demographic...

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Uploaded by:   Armen2002

Date:   06/24/2006

Category:   Admissions Essays

Length:   4 pages (975 words)

Views:   2871

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chritical thinking

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