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changing perspective- sky high, everyday by bon jovi and 10 mary street by peter skryzneki

Uploaded by ibboz on Apr 07, 2005

Life experiences from childhood mould us into the eventual adults we are to become. “For every force, there is an opposite and reverse reaction” Newtons law of physics can be aptly applied to changing perspectives in that every aspect of change leads to different results and consequences, therefore shaping the future nature of oneself. This is evident in Hannah Roberts Sky High and correspondingly in Bon Jovi’s song Everyday as well as Peter Skrynecki 10 Mary Street.

The inability of an adult to regain child like innocence is evident in Hannah Roberts Sky High. The composer reminisces of the simple joys of life experienced as a child and the magical significance in a child’s eyes of inanimate objects. She personifies her washing line by bringing it to life with its “long skeletal arms throwing long summer afternoon shadows across the lawn.”.
“The best climbing tree stood proud on a small mound of concrete, festooned with socks and knickers” she is imaging the tree as a place of happy thoughts, were she could reminisce her childhood memories. Whereas “ today however it is bare” and like reality is dark and harsh.
“It is an older more age-warped washing line” the narrator feels that she no longer can be that little girl that once climbed the washing line. The hyperbole of Sky High is a metaphor of her naivety of the way she perceived the world to be as she believes as an adult “there are too many things tying me to the ground”

This child’s view is continued in Skrzynecki’s 10 Mary Street. The view of his house and home life within it, which Skrzynecki gives us, is from the changing perspective of a boy who is being assimilated into Australian culture, but who also appreciated the preservation of his parents European traditions. The poet recalls several details of the urban decay and the inadequacies of his childhood environment “rusty bucket”, “too narrow bridge”, “the factory that was always burning down”. But as he looks back to their family home, he sees nothing but dispossession “ a key, that’ll open no house, when this one is pulled down”. As time progresses understanding why and how perspectives change in life will help one understand both themselves and others, thus contentment comes from understanding.

This ideology is evident in Bon Jovi’s song titled Everyday. The composer sings of a man who “used to be...

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Uploaded by:   ibboz

Date:   04/07/2005

Category:   Literature

Length:   3 pages (618 words)

Views:   2535

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changing perspective- sky high, everyday by bon jovi and 10 mary street by peter skryzneki

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