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ceremony- my life is myth

Uploaded by Brent R Goodin on May 09, 2004

Stories are living mechanisms constantly evolving to adapt to new conditions and to explain the unexplainable. A different blend of stories inhabits every body. In order for our cosmopolitan society to survive, it is essential that people have a foundation story or a mother story; such a shared story coalesces different cultures. Stories are characterized by interpretation. We only remember those things that we feel are important to us. As a result, a new hybrid story is born in all persons by way of interpretation. I enact an inimitable story.
No one story is more important than the other. My story is unique just like the next man’s story. My story of the planet is in sync with everyone else’s story. Many thousands of years ago there was the Big Bang. A big ball of heated raw material exploded and from it the Earth was created. A chunk of that raw material formed a sphere and cooled for years. These bits and pieces amalgamated and from it a living organism was created. Although, God manifested two organisms from this material, which eventually evolved into Adam and Eve, I do not believe we are the pinnacle of the universes’ potential. In fact, the Earth is in a constant state of evolution. This is its method of survival. No species will ever reach its evolutionary peak, which means no organism holds primacy over another; it is this diversity and dynamism that vitalizes the Earth
When Adam and Eve disobeyed God, civilization was born. Ever since that time, man has been spiraling downwards. We are trapped in self-manifested debauchery. Everyone has a different way of enacting this fallacy. Each country and community is separated by a different story that allows them to coexist with their respective natural environments. The story of my community is very similar to that of Western culture because of their far-reaching affect on our society and on each other. People are constantly being self-critical and examining their neighbors’ behavior. Since the community is judging my family, they (my family) have been unknowingly baited into the story of the community. Western culture and my community challenge the idea of diversity and promote conformity, which is at odds with natural laws.
My family is of...

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Uploaded by:   Brent R Goodin

Date:   05/09/2004

Category:   Literature

Length:   4 pages (823 words)

Views:   1427

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ceremony- my life is myth

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