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!!!!Your Up To Your Neck In Water

Uploaded by Mounir on Jun 04, 2006

Hard rains falling down on you

The winds have changed girl, and what have you to care for now?

Now the sky’s fences they are a facin’ for you

You finally learnt that money doesn’t talk it swears

Consider your past and enjoy it, for its gone now.

Now your just rambling round,

While listening to that same old sound

“Like a Rolling Stone?”- (Bob Dylan- like a rolling stone)

The sun is gone

And the breeze has stopped

Every one still waits for the ships to come in

What have you got to wait for now?

Staring threw the peephole on your knees

Kraft dinner and cheese is all you got know.

You came all the way here, when what you where really looking for, was the other way around

But don’t forget that same old sound

“Like a Rolling Stone?”- (Bob Dylan- like a rolling stone)

You are naked and barebacked in front of society

You’ve got to find a name for yourself

And take care of your notoriety

The pink rose that sat across you perfect cherry world,

And you’re countless money supply

Laying in your flawless diamond sky

Swirlin’ and whirlin’ abound

With you’re chained up servants

Flipped out phonies and bubble gum swirls

Crumbling behind you that shadow that you can’t forget

Starry-eyed an' laughing even when you feel regret

Count the countless, talk to the speechless, sing on the burial ground

But don’t ever forget that same old sound

“Like a Rolling Stone?”- (Bob Dylan- like a rolling stone)

Crimson flames puzzled your ears

Throwing you to mighty traps

Using your thoughts and ideas

But only to strip you’re self down to the hole that he’s in

“After he took from you everything

He could steal.”- (Bob Dylan- Like A Rolling Stone)

And don’t cover up that raw wound your not in the social order anymore

Its time to forget that same old sound

Sing, breathe, write, talk, croak and more aren’t those all the qualities of a true man

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Uploaded by:   Mounir

Date:   06/04/2006

Category:   Poems

Length:   1 pages (331 words)

Views:   1555

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