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Women's Are Battered by Men

Uploaded by Campos77053 on Dec 03, 2000

Women being beaten by men is a not easy matter here in the United States which is usually disregarded and just about at all times no interest is given by society in the present day. The Webster's New World Dictionary describes aggression as 1.) Physical force used so as to injure. 2.) As an example of aggressive behavior. If this is the case then for what reason is it that so numerous women are beaten by their sweetheart ones every year and not so much or anything is done to remove this aggressive and cold situation? In this argumentative essay I will try to answer this question.

"The battered women are pictured by most people as a small, fragile, haggard person who might once have been pretty. She has several small children, no job skills, and is economically dependent on her husband. It is frequently understood that she is poor and from a minority group. She is adapted to living in aggression, and her worry and obedience are emphasized above all. Although some battered woman do fit this description, research proves it to be false stereotype." (Walker p.18) In other words injured woman have high gainful jobs such as doctors, lawyers, corporation executives, nurses, etc. Most of them are a heavy set woman's whose values are controlled by their man's and are not able to defend themselves physically. Injured females are found in all racial, religions, and ethical levels. "Who are battered women? If you are a women, there is fifty percent chance it could be you?" (Walker p.19)

The numerical information assembled and classified so as to present important information on injured women is hard to find because a lot of the records are hidden in medical records, household interruption calls to the police on the records of social service agencies. When I was doing research I found that behavior in numerous categories for both the batterer and battered were the same. In addition to here is a list of those categories that were the same or in a related way the same for both persons. Battered and batterer has a lot of familiar behavior that are the following: 1.) Is a custom record about the home, powerfully believes in family conformity and his or her roles in the family unit. As with the women all-racial, religious, educational levels equally represent the men, cultures socioeconomic groups. 2.) Has low self-esteem. 3.)...

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Uploaded by:   Campos77053

Date:   12/03/2000

Category:   History

Length:   7 pages (1,586 words)

Views:   1537

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Women's Are Battered by Men

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