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Without Desires

Uploaded by EAhurt on Mar 31, 2004

Without Desires

A man stands on a mountain in the middle of nowhere without a care in the world. He donates all of his possessions in order to be there. He does not worry about tomorrow nor will he think about yesterday. The only image in his mind is that of freedom from the pains of this world. There in his place of peace he cannot hear anything but himself. Without desires or needs, he does not hear anything. He is in a true state of Nirvana.

If one worries about what tomorrow will bring and think of the decisions made yesterday he or she will always be in a perpetual state of worry. One would not possess what is required to be at rest. For instance, a man who worries if he will have enough money to keep the lights on in his house for just one more day is not a man at rest. A man at rest does not worry if the lights in his house will still be on when he arrives from work. He takes it one day at a time. The man at peace deals with things as they come. On the contrary, the man at war must anticipate problems every second of everyday.

Nirvana is achieved when someone does not have any desires; they do not want a better car or a bigger house. Nirvana comes from inside one’s self. Everyone possesses the ability to reach nirvana; however, it is a difficult passage to take. It is a difficult one because a person would need to reject the culture of consumption that prevails over our society. Bigger houses and fancier cars are things people would like to have. Letting go of those “needs” or “wants” is a difficult task. However, do those people who do manage this task, live a better life style? It must feel good not having to worry if one is wearing the latest style or fashion. Not caring about what car one drive’s or how big one’s house is. Being at peace and content with one’s life is all that matters.

. Freedom, peace, happiness, and lack of earthly desires are components necessary to achieve nirvana. If one has peace but is still in need of possessions, one does not have all that is necessary for nirvana. One must achieve all four tasks in order to reach nirvana. Peace and freedom are...

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Uploaded by:   EAhurt

Date:   03/31/2004

Category:   Creative Writing

Length:   2 pages (454 words)

Views:   1500

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Without Desires

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