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Why is America A Country of Violence

Uploaded by crazyman69 on Jun 07, 2004

Why is America A Country of Violence

Many people might ask themselves, Why is America a country of violence and hate? There are several factors that contribute to making the United States one of the most violent and highly crime rated country‘s in the world, such as the history of war, and poor gun control. But there is one reason that stands out from the rest and that is, the media. The media has an enormous impact, and influence on today’s children and young teen’s. There have been several reports of kids getting hurt and even killed from emulating the violent behavior that they see on television shows. The violence on cartoons, movies, music, and videogames submerges kids into an unrealistic, fictional world. The media is teaching children that violence can be safe, fun and harmless, which we know it is not. in addition it is also teaching kids thatm it is alright to resolve conflicts with force and teaches them that after being violent, somehow everybody gets up at the end of the day. Children begin to take fiction on television to the next level, reality, were they think that guns, drugs and violence are “cool”. Some children can be mature about things they see on television and other’s can’t and want to act like or imitate characters and the thing they see on television.

Crimes committed by children are growing rapidly. “In 1991, children under the age of ten committed more than one-thousand acts of aggravated assault and 81 cases of forcible rape. Juveniles twelve and under committed ...murder, robbery, larceny-theft, and forcible rape"(Bennett). It is unbelievable to know that young twelve year old kids can be capable of pulling a trigger and killing a human being. In February 29 of 2000 a six year old first-grade boy pulled a loaded gun from his pants and shot a female classmate in the neck in Mount Morris, Michigan. The six-year-old little girl died shortly after she was shot. This is just one of many cases that occur in the United States. The big question is why was the kid in position of a loaded gun and what caused him into doing such a terrible thing like that. The over supply and selling of guns in the United states is frightening. The violence on television pushes kids over the edge and into committing murder such as...

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Uploaded by:   crazyman69

Date:   06/07/2004

Category:   Gun Control

Length:   5 pages (1,214 words)

Views:   3973

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Why is America A Country of Violence

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