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Why I Refused FSA Testing

Uploaded by adamwatsonh on Jan 13, 2002

As you may or may not know, I recently upheld my right as a student, to refrain from participating in the FSA testing. My decision was brought forth due to a number of reasons and should not be mistaken for a sign of disrespect- I simply chose to stand firmly behind my beliefs. I realize that my actions will undoubtedly be viewed as offensive by some, particularly by members of the administration. In fairness, I ask that you assess the situation reasonably before coming to any unfavorable conclusions. I also request that you comprehend both my motivation for taking such a bold move, and my dissent for a test that subtly exploits students. It is a test that is incapable of properly discerning aptitude, and provides useless results.

It is widely known that the purpose of this testing is to determine the strengths and weaknesses of individual schools, as well as the different regions of the Canada. In theory, it could be a valuable tool to refine our school system and to aid us in our attempts to increase productivity. Unfortunately, this is not so. Anyone who thinks long and hard will soon realize that a multiple choice test can do no such great things. A large percentage of students may simply guess their way to a high score, while others may feel frustrated and refuse to apply themselves. In addition, there are many students who do not take this testing seriously, and openly mock the system. Standardized testing does not prove merit, and results will merely show whether or not a student has taken the testing earnestly.

Though I strongly support the intentions of the government, I feel as though they have chosen an ineffective method of achieving their goal. The product of this method only shows that a problem exists- but not where it exists. If math results were low, for example, the information collected neglects to show where the problem lies: perhaps the instructors are to blame, or maybe the textbook lessons aren't very successful. Who knows. The fact is, until the government utilizes a more effective and reliable system, the solutions will continue to elude us. These tests do not meet the unique needs of each school, and cannot possibly lead us to any valuable conclusions.

Lastly, I do not see the need to have the marks publicized in students' permanent records. If the true nature of the test...

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Uploaded by:   adamwatsonh

Date:   01/13/2002

Category:   Social Issues

Length:   2 pages (545 words)

Views:   984

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Why I Refused FSA Testing

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