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Who, What, Why, Where, When, How?

Uploaded by Sxyclr on Jan 19, 2005

Who, What, Why, Where, When, How?

It’s amazing how you feel you can trust someone with your life, and then they just turn against you and make your life living hell. That’s the story of Jane Scott.
Jane Scott opens the front door; no one is at home, that’s the way it should be for at least another two hours. She dumps her school bag in the middle of the hallway and looks into the mirror. Her nose is too big, eyebrows are too bushy and she has a mixture of tears and eye make-up streaming down her cheeks. Jane walks into the kitchen and opens a cupboard and starts looking through the bottles of vodka and gin, she finds a bottle of Vodka three quarters full, she takes it out and puts it on the side. Jane walked up to her housekeeper’s bathroom and took some pills from the cupboard under the sink, and then she walked into her room and grabbed her backpack. She jogged down stairs into the kitchen and put the vodka and pills in her bag, then she hid the bag in her room. I’ll do it tonight she thought.
Jane didn’t turn up at drama club. Mrs. Parkinson looked at the empty space and asked, “Where’s Jane, she was in school today wasn’t she?”
“She was here in Science,” said a boy.
I just sat and looked at my script pretending to learn it. Then I heard my name.
“Sarah?” Mrs. Parkinson looked at me hopefully; I felt my stomach begin to churn.
“Yes miss?” I said
“Jane Scott,” she said “Any idea where she is?”
“She went home miss, at afternoon break,” I said “She wasn’t feeling too well.”
It wasn’t a complete lie, she had gone home, I think.
When I got home I phoned Jane, well I am her best friend it was the least I could do after… Ten minutes later Haley Goldsmith phoned me.
“You went a bit over the top didn’t you Sarah; poor Jane!” She said sarcastically.”
I just hung up on her; Haley Goldsmith isn’t worth it I told myself through gritted teeth.
Maria (the house keeper) opens the front door; she takes the shopping through to the kitchen and starts unpacking it, ready for when Jane gets back from drama club. Maria walks into the hall and sees Jane’s bag, that’s strange she thinks to herself, Maria starts climbing the stairs shouting “Jane.” Jane...

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Uploaded by:   Sxyclr

Date:   01/19/2005

Category:   Creative Writing

Length:   9 pages (1,986 words)

Views:   2288

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