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What is Right With The World?

Uploaded by James Wang on Nov 20, 2003

The world today is full of injustice, war and poverty, just like the old days. However there are many right things with today¡¯s world. The knowledge towards technologies we have gained throughout the time has improved our lives by a lot more than we have ever expected.

Our knowledge gained towards technology improved our daily living by a lot. For example, the great communication technology we have today or the improvement we had on transportation. They did not only improve our daily living, but they also brought in possibilities for further research and development.

Transportation technology is now a major part of our life. Before cars and trains were invented, people can only travel by foot or on horsebacks. Thousands of years ago, people walked all the way from China across the Bering Sea to settle at Northern Canada.

The fastest traveling by the time was probably on the horseback. After the first civil airline opened to public, traveling became far more faster than walking on foot. How ever, the trips were usually long and uncomfortable. Now, it only takes less than 10 hours to take a plane from Beijing to Vancouver, even faster with a Concorde. Trips are more comfortable, faster and safer. There are also a wide variety of ways to travel, trains, planes, ships, and more important your own car. You can get to anywhere faster then you have ever thought of in the past. Now, people are traveling out into space. It is all because of the technology we have learned, and it is one of the right things in the world right now.

In the old days, the communication technology was so poor. Now, our great knowledge on communication enables us to communicate with one another faster, more interactive and easier. Back to more than 2000 years ago, the Chinese communicated by writing on bamboo sticks that were tied together and ask messengers on horseback to deliver them. Later, when trains were invented, mails could get to their destination bit faster. Then, after airplanes could carry mails to anywhere on earth, communication was made easier and faster. Now, we have the telephone, mobiles, Internet, televisions etc. Mailings were made almost useless. From any where on the world, all we need to do is just simply dial couple of numbers and we could talk to anyone at anywhere on earth. In addition, with mobiles, we can do that whenever and...

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Uploaded by:   James Wang

Date:   11/20/2003

Category:   Social Issues

Length:   3 pages (581 words)

Views:   1852

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