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What are the problems associated with child prostitution?

Uploaded by fiwer on Oct 31, 2004

Everyday millions of innocent children are forced to do jobs, not of their own free will but as a result of poverty especially in third world countries. These children often resort to options of labor or even more extreme prostitution. So what is one to do when one is poor, young and in a third world country?

There are several options available to chose from ; asking for essentials materials a (food, shelter and clothing) from richer people/countries, suffering and struggling to survive or sell their bodies for a little money.

Unfortunately many chose this last option, which could be dangerous and harmful to them.

First world countries should assist in aiding third would countries to eliminate problems caused by child prostitution.

Prostitution defined by the “Gage Canadian Dictionary” is “the act of offering oneself or another person to engage in sexual acts”.

Education of young child sex workers and their families should be provided by first world countries to give cheap treatment and prevent the continuous spread of dangerous diseases by prostitution. Over the last several decades, a pandemic of highly infectious sexually transmitted illnesses like HIV-human immunodeficiency virus(HIV is a cytopathic form of a family of retrovirus, which includes the T-cell leukemia virus.), have wiped out entire villages and cities.

Theses diseases were not at first understood by scientists, but now are.

Prevention and Treatment are available but only to those who can afford to pay for them.

In countries were the majority of the population is poor and illiterate, education and inexpensive treatment should be given by wealthier 1st world countries like (Canada and the United States).

An instance where education has prevailed is the “CDC-Center for disease Control” program which has raised money to inform and give prevention methods with people (especially young adults and children) at risk to getting this disease. If help is not provided to these people, over one million children will probably die from lack of treatment.

Education about various methods of birth control would help reduce the number of children being born everyday by child sex trade workers who are sexually mature.

The majority of child prostitutes are females and are between the ages of as young as only 4 years old to as old as 17.

When these females can reproduce, or bare children they are said to be sexually mature (average globe age is 10.5 years).

In third world countries in particularly Africa,...

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Uploaded by:   fiwer

Date:   10/31/2004

Category:   Social Issues

Length:   3 pages (597 words)

Views:   1829

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What are the problems associated with child prostitution?

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