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What I know about China

Uploaded by Admin on Jan 22, 1999

China is located around Mongolia, Russia, Nepal, Laos, East China Sea, South China Sea, and Myanmar. A better described location would be Southeast of Asia. I know that the people who live in China speak Chinese. Some of my opionions on China are that they make cheap goods that fall apart in a week. The pencils you get that says "made in China," the erasers fall off when they are turned upside down, and the dolls that you see at stores break as soon as you get them home. I don't understand why the United States of America still buy off the Chinese because they make the stuff they export junky. Pretty soon no one will buy materials made in China and they will start losing profits and so will the United States a little. Some United States citizens already buy things that are made only in the US. My understanding on China is that Qing dynasty ruled them and all his relatives after him and they were mostly male. After the Chinese tried to stop the British Merchants from smuggling and when they resisted war broke out, in which Great Britain won. Then they all signed unequal treaties and China had to give up major portions of land to several other coutries which became good trading sources. Some of my beliefs on China are that I don't belive they should be aloud to kill their babies. Sometimes if the Chinese really want a male baby bad enough and they get a girl they will kill it and keep trying again for a boy until they get one. Sometimes they will find out sooner to see if they are having a female baby or a male baby and if it happens to be a girl they will get an abortion right away. I do not believe in killing your babies and I don't belive in having an abortion either because they are your flesh and blood. Those are my opionions, beliefs, and understandings on China.

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Uploaded by:   Admin

Date:   01/22/1999

Category:   Geography

Length:   1 pages (335 words)

Views:   1438

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What I know about China

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