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Uploaded by lee5656 on Sep 08, 2005

I was incredibly shocked just the other day. With all these diseases flashing themselves in our faces, you would think one ought to be more than just being careful. What saddens me is how people do not take into account the proverb, “Prevention is better than cure”.

The other day when I was in the bank, two guys came up and stood behind me. I know it was none of my business but I could not help but listen to them conversant. To tell you the truth, I was really balled over. TK, the one with the shorter hair went on rambling about how he was at the party that his other companion, Logik did not attend. Apparently, these two had placed a bet on who was going to be the first to get a girl named Anna into bed. I felt degraded, like I was nothing. Anyways, the story continues. Neither TK nor any other guy at the party managed to sleep with Anna. This time around I was like you go girl tell them like it is!
However, TK spoke about how he managed to convince two other girls into sleeping with him. He went on about how he managed to score twice in one night and the fact that he didn’t even know the names of the girls or who they were or what made them tick. So im standing there, awfully embarrassed and thinking to myself why? Here is a guy, who does not even show any emotion of regret or feeling a little bit insecure because he slept with two people he did not even know! I must say TK was really drop dead gorgeous! He was the whole package and he knew it.

Why am I telling you this incident? Well you see, besides the fact that AIDS is out there and many other diseases, people still need to learn more about it. Obviously with TK and Logik, sex to them is like drinking water. It is a must have whether thirsty or not.

I had a friend who sent me an e-mail telling me that not all good-looking guys (Will Smith) are cheats and players (Eric Bennet). I agree to disagree. Here was TK right in front of me looking all good and delicious but the moment he opened his mouth, he became one of the most ugly individuals I know. So sometimes abo...

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Uploaded by:   lee5656

Date:   09/08/2005

Category:   Creative Writing

Length:   2 pages (521 words)

Views:   1854

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