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Wedding Dress For Pregnant Women Complete Collection

Uploaded by Canprom on Jun 06, 2013

Love is on the run as the deliciously wicked Lady Rain devila conspires to rid the world of romance and love. But out of the chaos springs an unlikely hero young schoolgirl named Momoko. Armed with a mysterious ruby ring, Momoko and her two best friends, battle devils, save marriages, and still find time to go to shcool and chase boys!
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Junior high girls fight hate filled demons with love while wearing wedding dresses. What could possibly go wrong?For review purposes, and also because I just like it that way, I listened to this series in its English dubbed format. The show is more than 10 years old now, so the sound is fairly basic, but it still strong. Battle sequences are especially well done, with sound flowing well from speaker to speaker. The transfer is very nice, with nearly no aliasing or cross coloration. Blue is the dominant color. The front cover features Angels Peach, Lily and Daisy in their mini skirted battle uniforms (and you got to love the idea of battle uniforms that feature miniskirts) striking poses. The back cover is more of the same, but also showing them in their wedding dresses in the background. Apparently Momoko is the only one who will wear white on her wedding day, which is great news for fans of Yuri and Hinagiku. The front cover of each volume features a picture inside a frame. The first three volumes have one of the Love Angels, the fourth has the three of them, and the final one has the devil Igneus. The back covers use screen caps on a filmstrip, and a blurb to describe the contents. Episode numbers and titles are listed on each volume. The discs themselves use a single pastel color and line art of the love angels. Oddly enough, Yuri is one of them. Episode numbers and titles are listed down the left side of the screen, with character art next to it. She a student at Saint Hanazono Middle School and a member of the newspaper club with her friends Yuri, a statuesque beauty with long flowing hair and a graceful demeanor, and Hinagiku, an energetic girl with short green hair and a tomboyish personality. Their favorite pastime is pining after Yanagiba, the captain of the school soccer team, and dreamboat extraordinaire. Getting in Momoko way is Yosuke, the soccer team goalie and Yanagiba...

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Uploaded by:   Canprom

Date:   06/06/2013

Category:   Essay Writing Tips

Length:   3 pages (610 words)

Views:   3681

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Wedding Dress For Pregnant Women Complete Collection

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