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Uploaded by only1star on Nov 28, 2002


Then I heard an excited exclamation from a group of sisters behind me, “Look!Look! Here are the Americans!” This was said by an overwhelmed British nurse. This is when America entered WWI. They helped the Allies out a great deal. During WWI a lot of new weapons evolved(machine guns and airplanes), countries got spilt apart, Women became more evolved in men's regular work. In the end of WWI an entire generation of Europeans were killed, dynasties fell in Germany, Austria-Hungary and Russia. The League of Nations was made up to promote peace. Because of WWI, WWII occurred. This is why I believe WWI was more important then the Gulf War.

The new weapons that evolved during WWI were machine guns, and airplanes. The machine guns fired its ammunition automatically. With the use of a machine gun, you could literally wipe out dozens of people at a time. Now for the airplanes. This was an amazing ordeal for a plane to be used in war, or any type of combat for that matter. The planes were a big advantage. They played numerous roles. We also became smarter about the use of airplanes today.

When Russia had a second revolution the communist leader Vladimir Ilyich Lenin gained power. Lenin deiced to end his country’s involvement in the war. Well the first thing he did was make a truce with Germany. From this the Russian government had to give over Finland, Poland, Ukraine, Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania to Germany. Even after the war when the treaty became invalid, those countries gained their independence. If this had not happened those countries would not be independent today. Maybe this is a good thing because if Russia still had those countries they would be more powerful and one day might deiced to challenge the U.S.

During WWI when the men were at war the woman took on the mans everyday job. This included factories, shops, offices and so on. Woman all of a sudden were constructing, farming, even running hospitals. Something back then men thought was impossible for them to do. As well as working their everyday jobs, they would help the war men with food, clothing and supplies. It was like the woman became the dominate role. They went to work and then would come home and tend to the children and housework. After the war when the men returned, peoples views changed. I think that had a...

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Uploaded by:   only1star

Date:   11/28/2002

Category:   World War I

Length:   13 pages (2,949 words)

Views:   3133

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