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Vocations - Analysis of characters

Uploaded by eatatwhiteys on Sep 29, 2002

An Analysis of Major Characters in Alma De Groen’S “Vocations”.

Alma De Groen has cleverly chosen the title of her play Vocations, as it has two different meanings in this instance: it refers to a person’s profession or occupation and it also refers to the characters’ need to respond to his/her calling or natural talent in life. This latter interpretation of the word lends itself more fully to the reader’s understanding as one progresses through the play. One discovers quickly that artistic ability and strength of character are possessions of all the characters in the play by pursuing their chosen vocations, yet none of them are without their flaws.

Vicki’s vocation is to become an actress. An obstacle that she encounters comes in the form of Ross, a zoologist in his late twenties. She has a flat, which she decides to share with Ross and this leads to eventual misunderstanding and confrontation between the two as Ross seeks to form some sort of bond with the more standoffish Vicki. This situation is made even more awkward with the revelation that Vicki is carrying Ross’s child later on in the play.

Vicki believes in herself as an aspiring career woman and may be seen as fairly selfish by some due to her sometimes steadfast devotion in following her chosen career path, at all costs:

Ross: “That’s a human life you’re disposing of.”
Joy: “It’s her life too.”
Vicki: “And I’m not having my life pushed out of shape like that.”

The physical union that results in the birth of the child would not appear to be one born of love, or at least Ross’s definition of the term and he is mislead into believing that the baby might in fact bring them closer together when Vicki states early on in the play:

Vicki: “I’m not trying to get rid of you! I feel as if emotionally I might love you, but my head hasn’t caught up yet. I don’t know you.”

Vicki deals with this major obstacle by at first trying to deny her maternal instincts for the baby Laura and reaffirming her position in not wanting to pursue anything even remotely romantic with Ross. She decides to try to carry on with her life and her plans to move (in order to act), but soon realizes that the child’s needs must come first.

Vicki: “Oh God, if I leave I’m going to spend the rest...

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Uploaded by:   eatatwhiteys

Date:   09/29/2002

Category:   Literature

Length:   6 pages (1,273 words)

Views:   1863

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