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Tragic or Not

Uploaded by AlPhA on Feb 21, 2002

New Life

Tragic or Not was a very inspiring and unique essay. The book, The Giver, is a very inspirational and at times could become a cliffhanger. I always dream of a utopia or a world nearing a utopia because of all the difficulties of life and I would wish for these difficulties to just disappear. Even though I know it will not happen for a very long period time if ever, but you can always dream and perhaps when I grow older I could assist in the creation of my utopia.

During the revision of Tragic or Not, I fixed some problems I had in the grammar and corrected some mistakes I made such as confusing Jonas as a female when he is actually a male. Because the name Jonas is usually used for females, I concluded with the fact that he was a female, which threw me off-track when I was writing the essay. I also added more details and revised some sentences adding more emotional depth and length.

The novel The Giver represents a futuristic society, which hides much of the evils of society now. Because of the technology shown in the novel, the genetic engineering, it shows it’s in the future because it’s not possible yet to re-sequence the genome of humans without making severe complications. The community was most likely created after something devastated the world, which explains why other humans do not disturb the society. There was most likely a few people who survived the disaster and created a society based on their dreams, which masks horrors as commonplace.

Tragic or Not

Imagine a place where there is no terror or love. A place in which nearly everything is the same, the grass and the color people view certain objects. Imagine feeling no pain or suffering, would you like to live there? Would you consider it a utopia or dystopia? Lois Lowry who is known for writing young adult fiction novels wrote the novel known as The Giver. In this novel there is very little suffering or pain. Everybody is shielded from life, emotions as well as history; they have little knowledge of the world they live in and completely no knowledge of the history before the community was created except for a few select people. For this novel, she has won the Newberry Medal Award and has also won the award for another novel she wrote, Number the...

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Uploaded by:   AlPhA

Date:   02/21/2002

Category:   Literature

Length:   6 pages (1,439 words)

Views:   1944

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Tragic or Not

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