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Tobacco - A Killer on The Loose

Uploaded by planetpapers on Dec 06, 2021

Tobacco -A killer on the loose
Smoking is one of the most horrible things any person can do to their body it harms nearly every organ. It has killed more people than any other drug out there. Now cigarettes probably would get the chance to kill nearly as many people if they were made illegal. People think it can’t be that bad because its legal but here’s a picture to show you some of its effects. Now I don’t know about you but it’s pretty obvious that the lung on the right is pretty much useless. We all know that one guy who can’t run for half a minute without hacking up his lungs because of smoking. If we don’t want this to happen to more and more people we have to do something about it now.
You may be thinking well I’m never going to smoke so this doesn’t apply to me. What you don’t realize is that the majority of advertising for smoking isn’t aimed at older people. Your children or your children’s children could become smokers if we do not put an end to it now. Big tobacco companies spend over 10 billion dollars a year advertising and marketing there product. And the majority of these marketing strategies are aimed at a younger crowd. A few examples are making packages of cigarettes pink and teal to appeal to younger girls and putting cigarettes in ice cream trucks so children get to see them and become familiar with them from an early age.
Not only is direct smoking a huge health issue but second hand smoke can be just as deadly. Every year more and more kids get asthma from second hand smoke. Not only that but did you know you could become addicted to cigarettes just from second hand smoke. If you are somebody who is consistently around a person that smokes you are very likely to become addicted to tobacco.
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Uploaded by:   planetpapers

Date:   12/06/2021

Category:   Social Issues

Length:   2 pages (350 words)

Views:   772

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Tobacco - A Killer on The Loose

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