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To Kill A Mocking Bird

Uploaded by smartchic123 on Feb 05, 2004

To Kill A Mockingbird

To Kill A Mockingbird tells a dramatic story of a small, southern town and the difficult issues it faces. Prejudice plays a serious role in telling the account of a black man accused of rape and the effects it had on two children. Harper Lee allows the reader to experience the trial through a child’s eyes and see a negative aspect of human nature. Lee uses Scout’s perspective to portray a sense of innocence, allow explanations and point out details to the reader.

The author uses Scout’s outlook to render a feeling of innocence amidst the mature issues of the small county of Maycomb. At a point when Mr. Cunningham and his friends threaten to do Atticus and Tom Robinson harm, she and her brother, Jem, and a friend, Dill, approach Mr. Cunningham and inquire about his son. Facing Scout under the circumstances brings out a sense of guilt in Mr. Cunningham, and he orders his friends to go home. Scout’s childish conversation with Mr. Cunningham made him think of his son and what he was doing that night. When Scout first converses with Mr. Dolphus Raymond, she is wary of him, but soon warms up to him after she learns why he lives the way he does. She views Mr. Dolphus Raymond, a white man married to a black woman, without prejudice – while the community sees him as a traitor to his race. Scout was able to see him as a human being who is simply different than everyone else. Lee cleverly utilizes Scout to depict a child-like feeling among the serious problems that this sleepy, southern town faces.

The author uses Scout’s age to subtly explain mature themes and situations to the reader. In the story, Atticus explains to Scout what real courage is. “Real courage isn’t a man with a gun. Real courage is going into something, knowing you’re not gonna win.” In view of the fact that Scout is not old enough to understand a few things, this scenario gives the author a chance to let the reader know what real courage is, according to Atticus’ terms. Later, when the Finch’s cook, Calpurnia, takes the children to First Purchase, an all-black church, they, for the first time, hear Cal talk like the rest of the Negroes. Scout asked Calpurnia why she talked like that if she knew better, and Cal calmly replied, “Folks...

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Uploaded by:   smartchic123

Date:   02/05/2004

Category:   To Kill A Mockingbird

Length:   3 pages (745 words)

Views:   2337

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To Kill A Mocking Bird

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