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The space combat in SWTOR will resemble a tunnel shooter

Uploaded by darkran on Jan 16, 2013

The space combat in SWTOR will resemble a tunnel shooter. This and more can be read in the latest issue of PC Gamer magazine.It is with his own spaceship therefore not freely fly around in space, but is run on a predefined path through the levels. Such sequences have been found, for example, in Lego Star Wars.

"We want to capture the best moments," said LucasArts producer Jake Neri. "We want the player to feel like he was in one of the movies." It would also remain nearer the actual core game, as it is indeed still an MMO and is no space shooter.The camera moves so on a solid path through the level. You can in this area your ship from the pursuer's perspective, however, free to move along the X and Y axis. Speed up or slow flying, is not possible.

Nevertheless, the space combat is thus not be particularly easy or simple because of the difficulty will attract especially clear in later missions, promises executive producer Kevin Barrett. It is also planned to incorporate different levels of difficulty.There are both primary and secondary jobs in the missions, which can be between two and eight minutes. The goal of secondary jobs will go but when re-playing, so more variety is offered. In addition, each different rewards waiting for you at the end.

The appearance of your ship you can customize the weapons but always remain the same: Blasters and rockets. Possible upgrades would only improve the strength of the weapons. In addition, the skills or the stats of your character does not affect the space battle.The release of The Old Republic, you will still fly alone through space, but BioWare plans to both PvP and co-op to install at a later date.

A weekly update for SWTOR community again be answering questions and we can take a look at the work of Robby Lamb, Senior Environment Artist at BioWare.He reported on the optimization of the environment in order to give more details about objects or to create the right atmosphere for a scene. Finally, it's also the game performance tune in all areas.

The community issues revolve primarily around this time the character classes. Thus, according to current information, six of the eight classes specialize in healing. As Senior Game Designer William Wallace says there are no plans that also heal the Jedi and Sith Warrior can.In general, however, are also healers still...

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Uploaded by:   darkran

Date:   01/16/2013

Category:   Book Reviews

Length:   2 pages (423 words)

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The space combat in SWTOR will resemble a tunnel shooter

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