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The goals of responsible parents.

Uploaded by tristan on Nov 03, 2004

Responsible parents should make it their primary goal in life to develop their children into productive caring and happy members of society. Any personal goals that had not been achieved or were not well along when the children were born should be put on the back burner or at least de-prioritised. Where there are children their interests must come first. Whatever you have not achieved by the time you have children you must put on hold until they have been reared. if you do not you will risk raising a person who will destroy all that you create. However; if you put your energy into your children, then, chances are, they will achieve all you set out to do and more. In addition they will not be destroying the society that you and your generation worked hard to build. I am not talking about the necessary ambitions in life that include work and development of your life in general, I mean the time consuming asset draining occupations that may obstruct a meaningful relationship with your children.

Having children is a very serious responsibility, parents are greatly responsible for the way their children turn out whether that is positive or negative. It is not what you teach your children - children can learn for themselves (as can be painfully obvious), rather it is the way you train their thinking ability; the way they perceive that which they see. For example; a child that has not been taught how valuable he/she is will be far more likely to engage in futile conflicts of whatever sort whether political or just drunken disorder. If people are not taught how valuable they are all they will learn from life is how valueless they seem. If you teach a child that he/she is of massive importance to the world and is capable of achieving anything that they set out to do they will be more aware of situations that may be detrimental to them. they will be more likely to live long and fruitful lives that benefit mankind in the short and long-term.

The older our society becomes the more lessons we learn about what is and what is not good for our long term future and the better we get as a society in producing values and reducing detrimental practices, products and principals; in short the older the world gets the longer people will be able...

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Uploaded by:   tristan

Date:   11/03/2004

Category:   Social Issues

Length:   4 pages (861 words)

Views:   1323

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The goals of responsible parents.

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