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The effects of daycare on American Society

Uploaded by Duchess1013 on Dec 08, 2001

I do not think women should go back to the workplace while their child is still an infant. It is not healthy for children to be raised by someone other than the parents (1). The parents should at least wait until the child is old enough to be in school.

For some, day care is a necessity. This is usually the case for single moms because they must work in order to provide for their children. This is seen mainly in urban areas. A woman may be the mother of several children, each one from a different man (2). Women cannot provide for three or four children without working. There are reasons for day care, but it should not replace the parents (3). The man and woman want a child, but they do not want to make the necessary sacrifices for that child. One of the toughest things for some adults is to distinguish between things they "need" and things they "want." An extra car, vacation, or house are not things people need. Society today has become so selfish and self-centered that, for the most part, they cannot see beyond themselves. They cannot see the beautiful child God gave them because of their greed.

Day care is often thought of as glorified baby-sitting. Half of all working women who are new mothers and two-thirds of working women over thirty who have a baby are back at work before their child is one year old (4). Why are women so eager to return to work? If they are able to stay home with their child and still are able to live nicely why would they choose to give their child to a stranger? Some of the most precious moments of a child's life takes place during the first five years. Women are not going to be able to remember their children's' young lives because they were not their. How sad it is that many mothers were not present when their child's first steps were taken or their first words spoken.

The care children receive from their parents has diminished and with that, the bonding and relationship between the child and the parents has also diminished (5). If a parent is not there for their children, or if a parent is so wrapped up in their own world and does not have enough time for their child, then how is that child supposed to know...

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Uploaded by:   Duchess1013

Date:   12/08/2001

Category:   Social Issues

Length:   7 pages (1,463 words)

Views:   1415

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The effects of daycare on American Society

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