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The X Files: Summary

Uploaded by Admin on Nov 27, 1999

Scully and Mulder are two FBI agents that were sent to investigate murders that took place in a New Mexico town, just out side of an Indian reservation. The murders were first discovered when a lady, Annie Hatch, found two tourist’s bodies while she was ridding her horse. The bodies were laying next to a van. When Annie went closer to the bodies, she could see that there was hundreds of flies on them. When she looked closer she could see that they had been skinned. The following day a teenager, Paulie was out side behind his families trailer with his little sister, Patty. It was dark, so dark that they could not see in front of them. Suddenly they both heard footsteps from somewhere , then they heard whispering, the whispering became hissing. His flesh was thrown everywhere. At this point the FBI was called in to investigate. Before Mulder and Scully got to New Mexico, they both went over the case and studied the autopsy reports that were sent to them. The autopsy report said that the bodies were flayed. The pictures they were sent along with the report made both Scully and Mulder sick to their stomachs. When they arrived in New Mexico Agent Garson was waiting to show them around and warn them to take it easy because of the heat. Scully and Mulder interviewed Patty, but did not get any more information on the case then what they already had from the report. She saw nothing because she had got hit in the face with a branch that knocked her out. After the interview, they went to get some dinner, where they met the doctor who wrote the autopsy report. She told them that the report she wrote was wrong. She was told to write the wrong details because the sheriff did not want the press to get a hold of it, because New Mexico has been trying to upgrade its image for years. The real Truth was that the people have been scoured, like being held up against a high-speed spinning drum covered with coarse sandpaper. As they left the restaurant a man stared at them across the road, as mulder drove past him, he still stared. Mulder than made a U-turn and then another, so that the car was pulled up next to the man. He introduced him self and told them he...

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Uploaded by:   Admin

Date:   11/27/1999

Category:   Film

Length:   5 pages (1,106 words)

Views:   1755

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The X Files: Summary

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