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The Waiting Room

Uploaded by RyanPeakesGirl on Jul 06, 2006

“Tick, Tock”, that was the only noise that I could hear for the past few hours. I lifted my head, and glanced once again at the empty seats of the waiting room. As the ticking of the clock continued I began to feel my heart thumping to the rhythm of the clock. I waited for that door to burst open, and for the doctor to come out to reassure me that everything is fine.
It all began an hour before when I was dragged out of class and driven to a hospital by a taxi. Nobody had bothered to tell me what had happened. All I was told was “Go to the waiting room, that is outside the emergency section and wait for your sister to come”. My first reaction was to call my parents, and find out what had happened, their cell phones rang rhythmically and they answered and they reassured me that they were fine.
My mind was racing against the speed of the clock. Why was I here? Why could no one answer my question? I sat there on my little plastic blue chair which made funny noises every time I moved position and still stared at the door waiting for it to burst open. Why was Kristen taking so much time, had something happened to her? I tried calling her cell phone, but all I heard was the grating voice of the operator, echoing into my mind, she had it closed.
I threw my cell phone into my bag, and looked at that door. That door looked like the doors you see in television series. With the wide window at the top and the white colour that is slowly fading away. There aren’t any handles on the door and the door simply slides against the floor making a screechy sound, which can pierce anyone’s ear.
From the far distance, beyond the dirty window of the door, I see some dark brown curls that remind me of my sister. As she comes closer, I outline the familiar shape of her upper body, since that is the only part that I can see. She doesn’t seem upset or particularly frightened. She didn’t have the same expression that I had drawn on my face since they dragged me out of my class.
As the moment of revelation was coming closer...

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Uploaded by:   RyanPeakesGirl

Date:   07/06/2006

Category:   Creative Writing

Length:   2 pages (447 words)

Views:   1833

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The Waiting Room

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