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The Time Machine compared to Nineteen Eighty Four

Uploaded by Estruch on Nov 09, 2001

“The Time Machine” by H.G. Wells and “Nineteen Eighty Four” are two excellent science-fiction novels which explore and give to different views of the future. Both of the Novels look at the future in different ways because of different social attitudes and structures but both still have the same view of human nature and what it may lead to.

Written and based in the nineteenth century, “The Time Machine” explores the Fourth Dimension of space. The protagonist, who is referred to as “The Time Traveller” by the narrator, invents a machine that can transport him through time. The narrator, who is present at the “Time Traveller’s” dinners, retells the “Time Travellers story” of his adventure through time. Telling his wonderful story of travel through eras, we learn about “The Time Traveller’s” adventures in the year 802,701 and what has happened to the human race. At first this new world seems perfect and it is inhabited by a wonderfully peaceful and caring race that is assumed to be advanced humans, the Eloi, but as the book progresses a new sinister and ugly race emerges from underground, the Morlocks. “The Time Traveller” explains about how he had lost his time machine to the Morlocks and his great journey to try and retrieve his machine and return to modern day.

Nineteen Eighty Four was written in 1948 and takes place in a fictional totalitarian society of the future. The story begins in London on April 4, 1984. London is the capital of Oceania which is run by INGSOC. The government is called "The Party” and the main leader of it is called “Big Brother” who is always watching your every move. Winston Smith works for the government altering history at the Ministry of Truth. He begins to wonder why life is so bad and tries to break out of “Big Brother’s” tight regime. He falls in love with Julia, and is taken in by a man named O'Brien, who Winston thinks is a member of the anti-party society called the Brotherhood. Winston and Julia, with the help of O’Brien, find secluded locations where they can meet away from the praying eye of “Big Brother”. When O'Brien turns out to be a member of The Inner Party, Winston and Julia are captured and hauled off to the Ministry of Love. Here, Winston is imprisoned and rehabilitated by The Party in Room 101. O’Brien tries to break...

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Uploaded by:   Estruch

Date:   11/09/2001

Category:   Literature

Length:   13 pages (2,971 words)

Views:   3419

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The Time Machine compared to Nineteen Eighty Four

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