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The Spiky Road to Carles

Uploaded by Black Mamba on Apr 28, 2005

Whew...what a road!Big spiky stones coming out from the potholes of the road which causes vehicles to bump, thick dusts which covers the clarity of the vehicle's windshield and the annoying murmurs of the passengers always keep my travel bad. It is such a bad, bad journey, you can't rest while on your trip!

I have traveled to Carles twice where my bestfriend Louie is residing. My route is from Miag-ao via Iloilo City to to Estancia then Carles-a small municipality situated in the far north of Iloilo province in the Visayas region of the Philippines whose economy is almost dependent on the undeveloped fishing industry. It is the road that always caught my attention. I have traveled there twice but it is only now that I have sighted a greater number of advantages of being on a 'crocodile's back' road than on the smooth-running road.

Whenever I'm travelling in the hell-like road to Carles, the roughest of all rough roads, I'm always awake on my conscious,thus, making me constantly vigilant of what's happening and also making me alert where and when to drop. Some passengers forget where they should drop especially when they're enjoying their nap while on the go. With the bumping of the vehicles,it also makes me feel like jumping keeping my eyes wide open all the time.When we sleep on our travel, we dream of course. But when we are traveling wide awake,our conscious mind starts to work. We start to imagine things,usual or unusual, and leads us to ponder on things we don't even notice when we are busy. We tried to change scenes and sceneries that we don't like. We now try to have a plan,in advance, and we are able to be ahead of others, wihout even noticing. It opens our minds in the application of knowledge and the arts that leads to innovation and creativity. Who knows, while enduring a very bad travel on a very spiky road a great idea will suddenly pop out of your head, and then you'll start making a difference!

See, I often hear people cursing the long, dusty, spiky and the bumpy road to Carles. A lot of them blames the government for being incompetent in delivering even the most basic social services to the people such having a 'good road'. Some just can't see...

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Uploaded by:   Black Mamba

Date:   04/28/2005

Category:   Creative Writing

Length:   2 pages (506 words)

Views:   1846

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