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The Scarlet Letter: The moral corruption of the main characters

Uploaded by skalawagdr on Oct 09, 2001

The three main characters of “The Scarlet Letter”, Hester Prynne, Roger Chillingworth, and Arthur Dimmesdale, were all morally corrupt. They all showed incredible proof of this through out the novel.

The very beginning of this novel starts with Hester in a jail cell. The only reason she was in this cell is because she was an adulterer. While her husband was on his was from England, she found time to woo a mate, establish a bad reputation, and have a bastard child. The fact that she produced a child that was not her husbands, inscribes her in the book of the immoral for life. There is no way a moral person would have sexual relations with anyone while they were married.

Roger Chillingworth was also a lost soul. He lived incognito, as a doctor from afar. He used this fact to gain the trust and friendship of Arthur. He went so far as to offer the Supreme evil being, Satan, a good deal of hospitality. Roger Allowed the Devil to take over his body and do evil things while in its confines. The only Reason Roger did this, was to torture Dimmesdale. He showed the most immorality by living under a friendly guise. He lived as Dimmesdale’s friend and doctor, while he used this friendship to tear Dimmesdale apart, finding his weaknesses and exploiting them. I am nearly positive that torture is one of the most immoral actions in existence. It is more of an infraction when the person being tortured is unaware of his torturers macabre goal. In addition to this, Roger had no problem with destroying Dimmesdale’s soul, when the only thing keeping Dimmesdale from doing the right thing, was Rogers “friendly” advice.

Arthur Dimmesdale wasn’t the most immoral, but he deceived the most people. He, as a Preacher, acted as good person who knew and lived gods’ word, yet carried on as a bandit, who has sex with married women, and forsakes the matrimony sent by God. He committed adultery and lied about it. He refused to tell any of his congregants about this and refused Pearl when she asked him to stand on the scaffold with her. He went against god, went agents his followers, and went against good behavior. This is surely the greatest or all the sins, and worthy or eternal damnation.

I have proved these characters immoral beyond all doubts. They all took part in...

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Uploaded by:   skalawagdr

Date:   10/09/2001

Category:   The Scarlet Letter

Length:   2 pages (410 words)

Views:   6256

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The Scarlet Letter: The moral corruption of the main characters

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