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The Old Man and the Sea

Uploaded by gagan420 on Aug 02, 1999

Relationship, External Nature and Dignity in The Old Man and The Sea
Man has always suffered his most to achieve his goal. However if one doesn't experience the danger; will not be prepared to handle his problems. Experience is a part of life which gives man his true identity. Does this identity comes from one's luck or struggle? Relationships on the other hand interpret strength and dignity. Ernest Hemingway has shown this through Manolin's behavior. He is a young boy who follows Santiago and listen to his wisdom. If this dignity is eliminated will it effect there relationship? Santiago's fight with nature symbolizes the troubles of existence. Does this mean that the outer existence is nothing but a perilous world?
Relationship, External nature and Dignity are the major themes in The Old Man and the Sea
A very important relationship in the novella The Old Man and the Sea is that between Manolin and Santiago. Manolin supports Santiago and helped him to confront his greatest challenge. Manolin proves this when he says, "I would like go fishing with you. I would like to serve you in some way" (p. 15). Manolin is the first person who appreciates Santiago's experience and skills. He wants to be like Santiago and be a skillful fisherman (p.24). Manolin's concern for Santiago is very significant to their relationship. It keeps the united even after a huge difference in their age. When Santiago returns after loosing his spectacular catch, it's Manolin who cries at the sight of the wounds "he saw the old man's hand and started to cry" (p. 122), and vows that he will never allow the old man to fish alone again. Therefore' Manolin has proven his relationship to Santiago through his moral respect. The danger confronting Santiago in the external nature represents the troubles of existence. Heminway's, The Old Man and the Sea represents many meanings to the out side existence. The marlin for example represents struggle, trouble and the last challenge Santiago went through. Santiago's struggle as a fisherman with marlin also symbolizes durability by putting up such a struggle. Accomplishing or obtaining something doesn't always end one's journey. Once Santiago hooked the fish (marlin) he still has further complications (p.57). First, the fish might dive to the bottom and break the line; second, it might die, and sink (p.72). The sharks bring him more trouble afterwards. The cost him to loose his...

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Uploaded by:   gagan420

Date:   08/02/1999

Category:   The Old Man And The Sea

Length:   4 pages (791 words)

Views:   2538

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