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The Old Man and the Sea

Uploaded by pguzewicz on May 08, 2000

The book The Old Man and the Sea was written by Ernest Hemingway. Ernest Hemingway was both a fisherman and a Nobel Prize winner. The story is set in a small fishing village near the Cuban coast. Hemingway¡¦s expresses in his tone that he feels sorry for the old man. This is shown because he mentions everything that the old man doesn¡¦t have going well for him and also makes the reader realize the pain that the old man goes through. The point of view in The Old Man and the Sea is from that of the old man, Santiago. The Old Man and the Sea is about an old fisherman named Santiago who thinks that his luck has ran out. Before he got old he was a very good fisher and could catch plenty of fish. Now however he hardly ever catches anything. Santiago¡¦s young friend Manolin used to fish with him but he had to stop because his parents wanted him to fish with someone who caught something everyday. After weeks of not catching anything, Santiago goes out and catches the largest fish that he has ever seen in his life. He has a hard time getting it up and it takes away all of his strength. He has an even harder time getting it back to the village because it is night and all of the sharks are feeding off of it. He is unable to do anything about the hungry sharks. Upon finally returning to the village, he is so tired that he is not able to worry about this fish and goes directly to his shack and sleeps for an extremely long time. When he is awaken by Manolin, he finds that the fish that he caught was destroyed by the sharks and that all of his efforts were for not. However Manolin encourages Santiago to continue fishing because he still has much to learn about the sea. Santiago is the main character in Hemingway¡¦s The Old Man and the Sea. He is an old fisherman who seems to have very bad luck at fishing even though when he was younger he was a very good fisherman. Hemingway describes him by saying, ¡§Everything about him was old except his eyes and they were cheerful and undefeated.¡¨ Even though he is old and poor, he still considers himself to be the top dog. Santiago knows that he is...

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Uploaded by:   pguzewicz

Date:   05/08/2000

Category:   The Old Man And The Sea

Length:   3 pages (734 words)

Views:   2900

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The Old Man and the Sea

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