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The Non Existence of God

Uploaded by Andaae on Jun 11, 2002

God does not exist, it is a scientifically proven fact. There are many facts and paradoxes which exist to disprove this belief. Don't be led in by the bunch of fanatics and weak minded people who would have you believe that we're all being watched over by some divine being.

"Can God build a wall that is so heavy he cannot lift it?" - Joseph Powell, Professor of Philosophy, Columbia University. This is a paradox which shows God cannot be all powerful, if he can't lift it then he is not all powerful, if he cannot build one at all, then he cannot be all powerful which many people and the Bible, claim him to be, this is the first step in destroying belief in God. Christians and followers of other religions have tried to destroy the arguments such as this for many years but have been unsuccessful, "What happens when the immovable object meets the unstoppable force?" Is one point commonly argued to show that paradoxes can be used either way. Why the answer is simple, the force would reflect off the object. Back to the drawing board for anyone who uses that one.

If God is all powerful, he could do anything possible. Yet it is impossible to add 2 and 2 together and get 9. So their next argument is he could only do things that are humanly possible. What about the miracles he and Jesus [i]supposedly[/i] performed. Walking acrross water. A burning bush talking. Splitting the Red Sea. Mana. To name but a few of the events which could clearly not have happened.

"If the Earth had to have a creator, then why should God not have a creator? If he doesn't, then why should everything else have a creator, ie God?" Brett Phillips, Agnostic. Again, the non existence of God is proved. This tells us that God cannot be the creator of the Earth, or that he has been created by some other divine power, a higher authority.

The story about the Muslim student and his professor of Philosophy is a rather harder one to disprove, but it was really quite simple "Since we cannot see, touch, taste, smell or hear the Professor's brain, I conclude that it does not exist!" is the last line of the story. Just because we can't sense something, doesn't mean it isn't there, it is known that the human body needs a...

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Uploaded by:   Andaae

Date:   06/11/2002

Category:   Religion

Length:   3 pages (649 words)

Views:   1223

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