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The Necessity of Law and Order in Democracy and Shopping Centers

Uploaded by gpavlushkin on Oct 31, 2005

The convenience of our shopping centers and their market environments’, lie solely upon the foundation of democracy, and it's political structure. There is a distinct connection between shopping centers and democracy, where both factors are extremely important to our country, and both work in very similar ways. In our history, the growth of democracy was complimentary with shopping malls, in regards to the expansion and prosperity of our nation. Today, shopping malls participate in the fluctuation of our economy, provide service to satisfy daily needs, and embody our culture. In fact, it could be concluded that shopping malls and their market environments’, are almost a direct reflection of our democratic society. In addition, these shopping centers rely on democracy, and its political institutions, in order to prosper. Although there is a specific connection between shopping centers and democracy, shopping centers also contain internal symbolism which pertains to all humanity universally. Shopping centers today, closely resemble democracy, and the development of the new world. With out order, shopping centers, or democracy, fail to function. “No democratic society can flourish with out law and order” (Gruen and Smith 407).
In the beginning, before government and civilization, the world was in its natural state. The only right that a man had was the right to his life, and every man was on his own. Therefore, in order to ensure their own survival, men would continue to kill each other off in this natural state, constricting any room for advancement. The world lacked order, reasoning, and unity. Even though it was a long process, humans eventually took the first steps toward a solution; by reasoning, they came together and created a form of government. Government and politics, are generally responsible for saving mankind from their own human nature. These primitive governments marked the end of the world, in its natural state, and caused the beginning of world development. Although these governments created positive changes, they were unsuccessful. Like most governments, they lacked the necessary qualities, which democracies possess, in order to find the right balance between the people, government, and economy. Consequently, through much time and evolution, the world emerged into what it is today. Of course, it is important to understand and analyze the circumstances of the natural world when connecting democracy, and shopping centers. Due to the fact that at some point in our history, some form of government was established,...

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Uploaded by:   gpavlushkin

Date:   10/31/2005

Category:   Business and Economics

Length:   5 pages (1,103 words)

Views:   1625

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The Necessity of Law and Order in Democracy and Shopping Centers

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