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The Miracle Worker

Uploaded by SkYgReEnChIcK on Sep 17, 2005

Me though I saw the grave where Jimmie Lays
Within that temple where the vestal Flame,
Was wont to burn and passing by those ways
To see that buried dust of living fame.
Annie Sullivan was blind when Jimmie died. At that time Jimmie and Annie were living in the state poorhouse in Tewksbury. There she met her destiny, the destiny to be brave, strong, and never to give up. Later on, when Jimmie was no longer there to support her, she was transported to the Perkins Institution for the blind. That day- October 7, 2003 - changed her life forever.
After several eye operations, Annie finally can see, and her destiny is about to be tested. All the troubles that Annie went trough are nothing compared to our unsolvable problems. In he present situation Annie never gave up, she tried and tried and tried to make Helen Understand what does this little finger game means, that each thing has a certain name, and that paid off.
The present situation of Helen depends in Kate and Captain Keller’s decision. It is also even worse then it was when Annie was a child. When Helen was two years old she lost her hearing, sight, and speaking abilities. Throughout seven years her parents Kate and Captain Keller tried to do something to help her in any way. Every doctor couldn’t do anything. Everyone lost his or her hope, Captain Keller even thought about putting Helen to the asylum. But like Annie said, that the main sources of Helen’s problems are not deafness or blindness, that’s their love and pity. Captain Keller, Kate, Aunt Ev, all of them never tried to teach her those simple manners, like what does the word spoon means and what’s its purpose.
Well actually this essay is not about anyone’s biography; this essay will compare and contrast the Gibson’s “The Miracle Worker” in its written form and in its video version. It will show us how important to read and watch this play, in order to understand all of the feelings that the author wanted to introduce to us. In my opinion both video and written from are important and easily understandable. When I read the play I had different ideas how each person looks like. I never imagined Annie in such black dresses...

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Uploaded by:   SkYgReEnChIcK

Date:   09/17/2005

Category:   Literature

Length:   5 pages (1,094 words)

Views:   2446

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The Miracle Worker

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