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The Mighty Ducks: Levels of Development

Uploaded by icer37 on Mar 05, 2002

Screen favorite Emilio Estevez stars in The Mighty Ducks. His on screen character Gordon Bombay is a tough trial lawyer who never loses a case. But when convicted on a D.U.I., Gordon is faced with a community service assignment. He must coach district 41-hockey team. This bunch of kids can't skate; shoot, score, and most of all can't win! With little enthusiasm Gordon takes on the task of turning these bunch of losers into a winning hockey team, and along with that he learns many lessons, one of which is that winning is not the most important thing there is in life.

The first scene that I am going to evaluate is the one where Gordon is talking to his boss (Donald Ducksworth) and he tells Gordon that he can either take a paid leave of absence and do community service or he can serve his time in jail or on probation. Gordon reluctantly chose the community service because he did not want to go to jail, and also he wanted to do the easiest thing possible. Which for him was community service. I chose this as an example of Pre-Conventional because, Gordon did not want to go to jail, probably because he was afraid of it. The other reason he chose community service was because to him it may have seemed to be the easiest way out. Little did he know that these kids were the kids from hell! For this scene I thought that Gordon was acting as a utilitarian because he wanted to do this only because he was being forced, and it served him the better because he did not have to go to jail. All he cared about was himself not that those kids needed his help.

The second example that I am using is when Gordon asks Mr. Ducksworth for $15000. Gordon is doing this because the kids on the team cannot afford the proper equipment to wear and because the players have no ice time on which to practice they're meager skills. This action by Gordon shows that he is acting on a Post-Conventional level. This is so because he is asking for the money because the kids may get hurt and because he cares about them and wants them to succeed in what they are doing. In this scene Mr. Bombay is acting as an altruist because, he is doing this for the good...

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Uploaded by:   icer37

Date:   03/05/2002

Category:   Film

Length:   4 pages (828 words)

Views:   1926

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The Mighty Ducks: Levels of Development

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