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The Matrix - The Red Pill

Uploaded by Aicirt on Mar 15, 2002

The movie “The Matrix” is filled with philosophical thoughts and questions. The biggest and most important question of them all is: “Which one, the red or the blue pill?” Given the choices, the red pill would be the most appealing. If the red pill is chosen it will open eyes to a new reality; it will give life a new meaning; and it will give a better understanding of the world to the one who consumes it. When it comes right down to it, to know or not to know, that is the underlying philosophical question.

Before the pill, reality was just a picture that was painted for the well being of those who lived within it; however, after the pill, that picture loses it’s disguise and reveals it’s true design. “If someone explained that everything … seen before was an illusion and that now … reality … was actually clearer”, how could it be true? Perhaps that is best answered by Morpheus in his answer to Neo’s question: “Why do my eyes hurt?”, when he replies: “You’ve never used them before.” In other words, reality is right there for all to see, its just that nobody seems to want to open their eyes and look. It seems that as people get older, the walls of reality narrow, and people believe less and less; however, when in childhood, anything is possible, and children do not shut the door on any idea. This is best seen at the end of The Matrix when the young boy sees Neo take off into the air and the mother tells her son “Don’t be silly, honey. Men don’t fly.“ Instead, people are happy being the prisoners of the cave, so to speak. Being able to escape from the darkness would broaden boundaries and change the rules. It would open up doors that were otherwise closed, and allow for greater adventure. In taking the red pill, the bars are lifted and souls are set free to experience the new reality.

In experiencing a new reality, a new meaning of life is also exposed. Throughout time, people have been in search of the meaning of life, and all have come up short. Conceivably, this is due to the fact that “The Matrix is the world that has been pulled over your eyes to blind you from the truth.” It is impossible to know the true meaning of life,...

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Uploaded by:   Aicirt

Date:   03/15/2002

Category:   Film

Length:   5 pages (1,037 words)

Views:   2998

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The Matrix - The Red Pill

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