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The Making of the Latin King

Uploaded by getogurl88 on Mar 05, 2007

The book the making of the Latin king written by Reymundo Sanchez was based on a true story. Sanchez wrote about his experiences in life. He was born in Puerto Rico and came to Chicago when he was a young boy. Sanchez also had a lot of family issues, and most of his family neglected him. His mother married a lot of men, and most of his stepfathers abused him. He enjoyed going to school because his father would never let him go out of the house and school was the only freedom he had. His family all moved to Puerto Rico, but he stayed with his older stepbrother Hector. He was never home, and would always sell drugs to raise money. Sanchez started doing the same, and that’s how he started using it too. He also got familiar with females. And wanted to experience a lot of other things. He met a woman named Maria who was about 34, and had sex with Sanchez when he was only 13. She taught him a lot of things that she thought he needed to use in the real world. That’s when his whole life started messing up with a lot of violence, sex, and drugs. He also dropped out of school, and joined a gang called the Latin Kings.

This story had few similarities with me. I came from Pakistan when I was about the same age as Sanchez. I had problems in school with English, and the students. Sanchez also had a hard time learning English, but the place he lived in was segregated. The Hispanics, African Americans, and Caucasians did not get along. It was really interesting how he grew up to know so much about what goes on in the real world when his step father wouldn’t give him any freedom. He adjusted to what was happening around him quickly.

The author wanted to send the readers, the message that they should not make the same mistakes he did, and consequences he had to face for them. He told us how gangs are a wasted of time, and once you join one your stuck there forever. I think he did get his point across, and hopefully people wont make the mistakes he did. Also, he was a sex maniac and would always have it. He knew what he did to women was wrong, and he wants his readers to...

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Uploaded by:   getogurl88

Date:   03/05/2007

Category:   Literature

Length:   2 pages (447 words)

Views:   2887

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The Making of the Latin King

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