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The Kashmir Crisis

Uploaded by smartchic123 on Feb 05, 2004


April 7, 2003

In 1947, the British Indian Empire was divided into two countries: India and Pakistan. “The partition of British India into an independent India and Pakistan was a very complicated problem. The British had made no preparation for such things as the division of financial assets, of the Indian Army, the communications system or the water supply to irrigation projects” (Lamb 11). The land and military resources were unfairly divided, based on a ratio favorable to India. Kashmir, a province in the northeastern corner India, which is predominantly Muslim, yet is ruled by a Hindu government, has been the primary cause of tension between India and Pakistan. Both countries dispute over whom should be in command of this significant province. Pakistan should gain control of Kashmir because it received less land in the separation of British India, Kashmir is mostly Muslim resembling Pakistan and the resolution of the dispute would enable both countries to gain more economic stability.

When British India split up, Pakistan retained less land and military support on the basis of a “30:70 ratio” (Ganguly 19) land division. “ The partition of British India… was an extremely complicated process for which the British had absolutely mot preparation (Lamb 11).” Britain chose to allow “exactly seventy-seven days in which to draw up the divorce papers (Collins 175)” not contemplating the aggravated effects the rapid separation would bring. This hasty partition brought many ill feelings that continue to boil today. Some of the effects were “ the division of the Indian financial assets, of the Indian Army, … of Indian communications, of the water supply to Indian irrigation water projects… (Lamb 11).” Because of the unequal division of these important assets, the Pakistani people are seriously handicapped. The consequences of the drastic disjointing are still effecting many people and their ability to make a profitable living for themselves. Because of British India’s inequitable partition, Pakistan received a smaller amount of land and military support.

Pakistan’s agricultural and economic resources are much more restricted than India’s, due to the significant difference in land size. For example, “Pakistan resembles most Asian, African and Central and South American countries in being “under-developed.” Outstanding among her problems at birth was almost total lack of large-scale industries. The subcontinent was not devoid of these; but they nearly all happened to lie on the Indian side of the new frontiers. This...

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Uploaded by:   smartchic123

Date:   02/05/2004

Category:   Politics

Length:   5 pages (1,189 words)

Views:   1685

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