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The Existence of God

Uploaded by hyperskate on Nov 24, 2002

"A God or not a God," that is the question. If proof is what you need, then proof is what you will get. I will state the following information based on what I’ve experienced, what has been taught to me, and what has been revealed.

My first attempt to persuade you will be in examples. I will state some reasons why or why not evolutionists, atheists, and other types of beliefs are right or wrong.

Evolution: fact or fiction? If you are an evolutionist, I ask you to consider the following facts, that you would either stand more firmly upon its truth, or flee from its nonsense. At first glance, it seems logical; Over billions of years, micro-organisms grew and changed into greater creatures, with the peak being mankind. But look deeper than what is shown to everyone; are we really formed from a "primordial soup"? This negates our "magnificence" as human beings greatly (meaning we are just an advanced for of the bacteria that we clean off our teeth each day).

Firstly, consider what the Bible says, even if you think it’s just a book. It says in Romans 1:20, "For since the creation of the world His invisible attributes are clearly seen, being understood by the things that are made." Because everything in nature fits so perfectly together; the weather system, the planetary system, photosynthesis, the food chain, the sun and the moon, and day and night, along with many other examples, it is illogical to believe it has all happened by time and chance.

Secondly, if evolution was true, why isn’t there abounding evidence of it? Have you ever seen a half-evolved lizard, fish, bat, or human? A lizard knows what a lizard does; It climbs on trees, hides from predators, and snatches food very well. If its two front legs were to begin evolving into wings, it would have trouble! In the process of growing wings, the lizard would have trouble walking due to these large objects on its back, and yet it couldn’t fly because the wings have not fully grown. It is the same with all other creatures; if a fish begins to walk, if a horse begins to swim, or if an eagle begins to run, they will not perform their functions efficiently.

Moving onward, I find Atheism to be an unsatisfactory belief. What hope is there in this? What joy, what peace, and what comfort can...

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Uploaded by:   hyperskate

Date:   11/24/2002

Category:   Religion

Length:   4 pages (998 words)

Views:   1202

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The Existence of God

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