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The Crucible - 3 Character Essay

Uploaded by dorsay on Dec 11, 2000

In Arthur Miller’s famous play, The Crucible, he tells the story of the notorious Salem witch trials. During this mayhem and tragic turmoil, the people of this small Salem village are faced with false accusations, lies, and sins conducted either for the survival of their own lives or harm others. In a crisis such as this were all the evidence is invisible and the only witness to testify is the victim, all that the people are left with is their own principles, morals and faith. Unfortunately some are forced to depart from their strongest beliefs and others completely lose their sense of right or wrong with the strong psycho systematic energy that created this entire catastrophe. Three characters in Miller’s play who abandon their ethics are, Mary Warren whose whole personality turns upside down, John Proctor who contemplates between the importance of his family and his good name, and Reverend Hale who battles with himself whether to do what his job says or do what he know as right.

Mary Warren is a girl who is confused with her own inner uncertainties throughout this play. At the start of the play she is perceived to be a very shy girl who will never speak her mind as shown when Proctor sends her home and she responds with, "I'm just going home" (21). As the play continues and as Abigail influences her, Mary begins to break this self induced mold and does what she wants. Mary Warren, along with many other girls gets caught up in the hype of getting all the attention and exercising power by provoking and stubbornly continuing these "witch trials". Finally John Proctor, the rationalist, shows that when people like Rebecca Nurse and Elizabeth Proctor who are the saintliest of people are accused of being witches, something must be wrong. Mary Warren has a difficult decision to make and a tough time realizing proctor is right but she finally realizes that her whole way of life has become full of injustice. However, she is scared to confess to Abigail and her friends and tell them of her conscience. Finally Mary decides to speak out against Abigail and the others for their false accusations and said that Abigail, "tried to kill me numerous times"(57). Yet as she does this heroic act of confessing their sin, Abigail pretends that Mary is also a witch using the poppets against her. Mary...

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Uploaded by:   dorsay

Date:   12/11/2000

Category:   The Crucible

Length:   5 pages (1,150 words)

Views:   4523

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The Crucible - 3 Character Essay

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