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The Crucible

Uploaded by vannarii on Feb 10, 2001

One of the most drastic differences between the USA and many other countries in the world is the right of the American people to voice their differences of opinion from the ideas of the government without fear of persecution. Occasionally the American government has "forgotten" that it's people have this right and persecuted them for disagreeing with the government. Americans are not used to being restricted, and when they are the tough ones find a way to voice their opinions. Arthur Miller wished to voice his opinion during a time that the US government decided to ignore the first Amendment of the Bill of Rights. Because of this, Miller decided to make his grievances known by using the Salem Witch Trials as a way to outlet his feelings into a book that has been widely read and was eventually turned into a movie.

During the McCarthy trials, many people were tried as communists and then black listed. This was similar to the Salem Witch Trials where people were convicted and hung without any real proof of them committing a crime. When Miller wrote The Crucible he showed how unfair and hypocritical these actions were. Anyone who spoke out was accused in during both sets of trials, which made defending yourself a death wish. The authority in both courts were final. Miller managed to speak out against how unfair the trials were without incriminating himself in the process. Other people were not as lucky as Miller and had their lives wrecked because of their speaking their minds.

The USA prides themselves on not discriminating against anyone, race, religion, or opinion. Many things that the USA has done in the past has refuted this statement of beliefs. The government hasn't necessarily tried to cover up these events, they simply don't mention them in hopes that they will fade out of the American people's minds. Miller, and others like him, prevent this from happening. They write novels or produce movies that accurately depict times when the government didn't serve the people.

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Uploaded by:   vannarii

Date:   02/10/2001

Category:   The Crucible

Length:   1 pages (336 words)

Views:   1524

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